Yiwu Education

Yiwu Education

There are more than 400 foreign children studying in Yiwu from 40 countries.

The following list are the shools that can receive the foreign students!
Listed Kindergarten/Primary/senior high/junior high schools/College


Binwang kindergarten,Beiyuang kindergarten,Shangchen kindergarten,Experimental kindergarten,Futian kindergarten.

Primary Schools:

Yiwu Experimental Primary school,Yiwu Wuai Primary school,Yiwu Experimental Foreign languages school,Yiwu Qunxing Private School

Junior High Schools:

Yiwu Xiuhu Junior high school,Yiwu Experimental Foreign languages school,Yiwu Chouzhou Middle school,Yiwu Binwang Middle school,Yiwu Qunxing Private School

Senior High Schools:

Yiwu First High School,Yiwu No.2 High School,Yiwu Qunxing Private School


Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College

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