Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry from Yiwu China

Where to Buy?

Mainly 3 places:

Jewelry section/market of Yiwu International Trade City, which locates on floor 2 of district one.

Changchun district – opposite of the above place. Some shops along the street are selling sterling silver jewelry.

Wealth Mansion (A), which locates between District 1 and District 2 of Yiwu International Trade City, on the the first floor, there are about 10 shops are selling sterling silver.

Tips:If you have enough time, say one or two days, you can browse all above 3 locations and make your selection. If you don’t have enough time, you can just go to the last one – Wealth Mansion (A), the first floor, where has the most suppliers for sterling silver.


You don’t need to worry about MOQ for sterling silver jewelry. Because sterling silver are more expensive, nobody will ask you for “10 dozen per design”.

Sterling silver you can buy by pieces, at most 1 dozen. Sterling silver parts are sold by small packs/boxes/bags.

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