Experts and Professors Shake Hands with Enterprises in Dachen Town_News_China Yiwu

Recently, the Bureau of Science and Technology organized an activity of “Shaking Hands” for the second time in 2012 between 15 experts and professors from the science research institutes and colleges like Yiwu Virtual Research Institute and Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences Yiwu Center and the preventatives from 15 agricultural and industrial enterprises in Dachen Town.The economic development of Dachen Town started early. However, because of its single industrial economic structure, it needs upgrade and adjustment of industrial structure urgently. The most of the agricultural business are still in the basic form of cooperation between peasant households, and the condition of effective scale operation has not formed.Liu Jintu, the director of the Bureau of Science and Technology said: “at present, there are some projects cooperated by the agricultural and industrial enterprises and the science research institutes and colleges, but the full popularization of science and technology and then the transformation and upgrading of industrial economy still need many enterprises especially the outstanding representatives in each industries to set an example.” All of the institutions and colleges that participated in the virtual research center have strong scientific research strength, and the experts and professors of virtual research center are considered to be the best in each filed. This activity of “Shaking Hands” between professors and enterprises will make positive influence in improving Enterprise-University-Research Institute Cooperation and promoting the promoting the transformation of science &technology achievements.During this activity, the experts made investigations in the enterprises, communicated with the representatives of the enterprises, made analysis and guidance about the technological difficulties that the enterprises were facing, and proposed many constructive advices in the aspects of enterprise brand building and rational allocation of production procedures, which have laid the foundation of deeper Enterprise-University cooperation. Ji Shenlai     Zhang Chenlu


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