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In recent years, the tide of e-commerce continuously stimulated at the door waiting to see the Yiwu businessmen. They are online under a mature supply chain and customer resources, but online is not necessarily to be successful.

  ”Dig gold, and certainly good business selling shovels to dig the gold does not necessarily dug gold, but certainly earn money selling shovels.” Is about to see the opportunity to pave the way to the line of merchants and online business. transition from advertising photography to Taobao shot; resigned from the Tencent annual salary paying job to set up operations teams in Yiwu; quit to start generation of customer service from a star hotel. Around e-commerce to do third-party service to a line in a night Merchant Internet “convenient channels. A never come into contact with e-commerce enterprises, and want to get involved in e-commerce, can be found in any of the links on behalf of the operating agencies in Yiwu.

  Photography agencies in transition “racquet”

  Yiwu Taobao service business as large as several thousand square meters, there are as small as tens of square meters of personal studio. The main job of the Taobao photography there are several types of transition from, there was the transformation of advertising photography, advertising design company transition to open Taobao sellers transformation, but also specifically do see a huge market potential.

  Photography agency was established in 2009, the People’s Republic of camera saw the inception of advertising photography market in Yiwu, but at present it has completely changed the default path, the transition to online shoot ranks.

  2009 on the basis of the original advertising photography came into contact with shooting Taobao, was Yiwu Taobao is to belong to a relatively early stage, many sellers are self-made dispensers, traditional industries have not yet entered the e-commerce, when the Yiwu Taobao sellers Most of the lack of funding, so there is a Pirates of the map, or a simple shot with a digital camera phenomenon. with her friends more and more online shopping, online shopping has become increasingly popular, I find that more and more market space. “the People’s Republic of camera person in charge of Kim Jong such recalls.

  The People’s Republic of photo “service local businesses Beckmann, Soton straw, Langsha Man posture, etc., this year, compared with a year earlier, the agency business increased by 80%. “Old Railway Station, mussels store, Hangzhou Songcheng nearby is also the preparatory branch. Mussels branch east Dongyang, north Suxi Chen Industrial District, Industrial Zone, based on the mussels, which is to Yiwu in Yiwu local jewelry and clothing of the most important of several local comparison with the advantages of the products Industrial Zone occupies. “said Kim Jong-Yiwu” racquet “services company in the country has few to form a sufficient scale, so the next step The plan is based in Yiwu, the development of the country. To catch the the Yiwu pilot train to the country. The next stop is in Hangzhou, followed by “occupation” of the Yangtze River Delta.

  Operators have a “crab brother

  Yiwu spirit passenger operations institutions “crab man”, said former Tencent Reds, Wang Lei.2011, listed on the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, Yiwu spirit off it on behalf of the operating agencies, and sold NT $ 10 million worth of crabs, in the three days and attracted people in the industry have said that the young person responsible for the “crab man”.

  ”Spirit off” positioning the company to help improve store traffic and conversion rates to focus on the operation and promotion of enterprise cooperation with other peers to differ materially from those submitted to the hands of customers can be a ready-made online shop, more The value of the stack of Da documents tailored for the enterprise, involved in store design, supply chain integration, marketing ideas, product promotion, the concept of a number of aspects. The entire store operations planning, event planning, integration of resources to import eight business modules, companies can pick and choose according to the demand combination, what stage of the election module, a module to produce good results, then the co-operation of other modules. “I can say without exaggeration that the document took us out, using their own people, in strict accordance with the document above step by step, at least the normal operation of one or two years.” Lei said.

  Yiwu, a well-known leather company, itself an e-commerce team of 20 people, but also the product linked to the Internet to sell, but has been losing money. “Spirit off” on behalf of the operational services for two months after the company’s electricity supplier team leader said “finally getting somewhere”. Last week, the International Trade City in the Pearl River Delta, chairman of his party, made a special trip to play the “fly” to Yiwu, the physical market because of fierce competition, businesses gradual loss of market hopes to enhance the Trade City through the introduction of e-commerce as a breakthrough The range of value-added and radiation, to widen the gap with their peers. Internet search, find, and to e-commerce Co., Ltd. of Yiwu spirit off for more than four hours with the company’s founder Wang Lei audio chat, decided to specially flew to Yiwu poaching.

  Five-star customer service “embedded” e-commerce

  Has been more prominent in Yiwu, electricity and commercial enterprises move less than satisfactory customer service, finally provoke a suitable stability is not high. Difficult to recruit people, to keep people more difficult. Customer service accumulated some experience, not thinking about my own business is facing peer to lure them away, and rarely the customer of this business as a career, but as the only way to embark on “electronic commerce”.

  Last year, Yiwu, e-commerce industry, the rise of a wave of customer service relocation tide, but to the end of last year, some people withdraw Yiwu, in Henan and other places, basic customer service is the solution, but the supervisor, supervision, docking and other related aspects of ball dropped. In Yiwu, the steward in charge, in charge of managing people. “

  Worked liangzi Regal Master Hotel in Chengdu, five-star hotels of the InterContinental Century City Chengdu Hotel, he will be a five-star hotel customer service process “embedded” e-commerce customer service, he said, should be customer service as a career to do.

  Prior to the work that everyone will do, but everyone is doing it’s different. For example, what the memo without notes, there is a complaint, just before the after-sale customer service call or a message as to the handling of each complaint. progress, inform management and more confused. process processing, customer service personnel per person hands will have a few forms, as long as empty on the table are filled, a complaint feedback process at a glance. “After nearly six months of practice and perfect down to the customer service response time for customer questions, day accommodation, the number of replies, the lack of customer service or customer service team is not ideal, are all resolved.

  Ai Moer “shop liangzi agent customer service based on the strict management and scientific planning, dynamic rating has remained at around 4.9 points, more than 50 percent higher than the peers.

  Training institutions after another

  ”Sharing” is the most important aspects of e-commerce industry, of course, share the way there are many to participate in specialized training is a kind of one of the most common and most basic. The focus of the Wei Ya, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shenzhen Shan Ren in Yiwu training courses.

  Professional people to do the professional thing to do, and segmentation of e-commerce development, training, followed by segments, from entry basis, front-line jobs to shop managers, training not only in stages, was refined to various positions. The focus of training in Yiwu and even the province’s e-commerce professional training on the unique advantage, but in the actual admissions process, found that Hu Bin, head of the field came to enroll for the course the students far more than the Yiwu local. Entry-class courses, the local monthly enrollment of two or three hundred people, but the high-end courses, learning enthusiasm of the local network operators in Yiwu far less than in the field.

  E-commerce industry in Yiwu learning atmosphere is very strong, particularly large number of free sharing between businesses, this may be the Yiwu network provider is not willing to pay one of the reasons lectures. But in fact, not to mention all kinds of free courses whether with a commercial purpose, generally a few hours of sharing, often only to lecture people passionately feel that they know a lot, but go back and not landing execution time is limited, can not say deep, said through fee-paying courses, the focus of training programs, a topic of ferreting out the night for two days the situation is very common, so that students can learn the essence of the actual available.

  There are two high-end courses on the market. A strategic level, On the Road “; a tactical level, on the” technique “. Focus training on the latter, attention to execution after completing their studies will be able to develop plans for improvement.

  In this regard, specially from Xinjiang came to listen to the shop manager courses Chun Wang said with deep feeling. He sold online home dried fruit and other specialty products, the original of the daily turnover of 2 million, the break up. His side learning the side remote command stores the rectification, the first end of the course, his turnover reached about 80,000 yuan, three courses down to the end of his daily turnover had doubled.

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