Zhejiang Province Well-known Marks 2012 Began to Declare Yiwu China

The annual “Zhejiang Province Well-known Marks” declaration is going to open soon. I learned yesterday from the Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau, according to the uniform requirements of the Trade and Industry Bureau, enterprises can within the same day to the business sector reporting identified 2012 Zhejiang famous brand.
  Under the regulations, obtain trademark rights and trademark and continuous use before October 30, 2009, a certification mark and trademark rights on October 30, 2011, and continuous use of geographical indications, as well as meet the “Zhejiang Province Recognition and Protection Ordinance “and” Zhejiang Province identified the basic conditions” under the trademark, the holder may declare the 2012 Zhejiang famous brand. At the same time, the expiration of three years (2009 identified and continuing to confirm) Zhejiang famous brand may voluntarily declare the continuation confirmation.

  New applicated famous trademark registration may apply to the business sector and fill out the “Zhejiang Province counseling training registration form, watch the newspaper by the Zhejiang Administration of Industry Red Shield Information Network (http://www.zjaic free download. gov.cn) or Zhejiang Trademark (www.zjta.cn), the completed May 10, together with the enterprise business license, a copy of the Registration Certificate sent to the business sector.
  Applied to identify the Zhejiang Province and the need to continue to confirm the famous brand of trademark holders, should be required to truthfully fill out the “Zhejiang Province that the application form,” Zhejiang Province continues to confirm the application form “[Industry and Commerce Administration of Zhejiang Province Red Shield Information Network (http://www.zjaic.gov.cn) or Zhejiang Trademark (www.zjta.cn) free download, writing corporate profiles, and trademark registration rights situation, the form of written and electronic data submit an application to the City of Industry and Commerce Bureau in mid-May, and provide the necessary proof. The provincial Trade and Industry Bureau issued a business license, enterprises can apply directly to the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau.
  2011 to suspend the continuation of famous brand can be a voluntary reporting system, fill in the “Zhejiang Province in 2011 to suspend the continuation of the 2012 continuation of re-confirm the application form, apply the form of written and electronic data in mid-June, City of Industry, and provide the necessary proof.
  Declaration of famous brand at the same time, shall complete the “Application Recognition (Further confirmation) Zhejiang Province undertaking a commitment to the authenticity and legitimacy of the application materials.
  For applied to identify the year 2012 ” Zhejiang Province Well-known Marks””, if in doubt, call 85528098 or trademark advertising Branch Road 39 is located in the city of Industry and Commerce Bureau to consult.
  According to statistics, at present, the city has a 97 ” Zhejiang Province Well-known Marks””.

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