Olympic Games and European Championships bring good news to the Yiwu market

Olympic Games and European Football Championships held this year in Europe, has brought good news to Yiwu market. A lot of foreign companies have procurement-related sporting goods.

In Yiwu International Trade City, many foreign investors are coming back to Yiwu, trade scene began to reproduce the busy and bustling past. Also have an unparalleled advantage in the sale of scarves fans around the world, flag, football, jersey, etc., in Yiwu, is a best choice in terms of the foreign.

As the 14th European Championship held in one of the countries Ukraine and Yiwu trade has been more frequent, export procedures and processes can be described as hundreds of times for the local businessmen.

However, to remind the dealer of Yiwu, football products export to Europe, under the premise has not been authorized, should try to avoid using the words of FIFA FIFA logo. General freight to Europe for between 10-20 days before and after May should be an export peak period, businesses can do stocking aspects of the preparation in advance.


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