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 Yesterday, the reporter learned from Yiwu China Commodity City Exhibition Co., Ltd., the first concern Yiwu Import Commodities Fair will be held in Yiwu International Expo Center from April 21 to 23. Show Brochure Merchants work has basically ended, 320 registration exhibitors, 430 booths, 45,000 kinds of exhibition goods, the exhibitors and booth number far more than expected.

  First Yiwu Import Commodities Fair is the province only of imported goods exhibition, will be the seventh Yiwu Consumer Goods Fair, the Ninth China International Hardware Fair Held in conjunction with “China Commodity City Exhibition Co., Ltd., responsible person first Yiwu exhibition size and grade of the imported goods to the forefront of the tops in the national show of its kind. Through various efforts, exhibitors booths have been scheduled, the preparation work is basically completed.

  According to reports, the first Yiwu commodity categories of import commodities exhibition by the food, daily necessities, handicrafts, jewelry and gifts, African products, such as composition; exhibitors constitute by the national distributor, distributor provincial, foreign enterprises Direct. Distributor in China, France, South Korea’s six well-known brands, strong-class wine Chuang supplier, the Japanese lifestyle yield and major well-known brand is a proxy such as high-quality companies are registered for the exhibition. To facilitate the accreditation of the exhibitors, the mall exhibition company set up in airports, railway stations, markets, hotels, hotels and other public window of the 23 accreditation points and disseminate relevant information for more than 40,000 copies, and in the form of SMS group sending, to remind the exhibitors.

  It is understood that the introduction of quality enterprises settled in the five districts of imported goods Museum exhibition and market promoted by Co-Prosperity Mall exhibition companies will be exhibiting companies conduct checks, on-site review of the product and information.

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