50 Yiwu debut International Gift & Premium Fair in Hong Kong – Yiwu News

2012 Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair held in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from today to the 30th. Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Yiwu international trade associations and the city’s Han Hee handbags, color printing, dual benefit trademarks clever shell crafts, stationery Qiaoyi Pettitte leather goods such as 50 exhibitors, 55 standard booths.

  Hong Kong International Gifts & Premium Fair, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council 27th anniversary this year will enter the largest show of its kind in Asia, ranked second in the world. Exhibits include promotional gifts, corporate gifts, small furnishings and accessories, packaging, stationery and paper products, wedding gifts and supplies. It is reported that the 2011 Hong Kong International Gifts & Premium Fair 4200 booths, a total of exhibiting companies from 36 countries and regions, including the mainland of China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore Spain, 15 pavilions set up an independent exhibition at the show. The four-day show attracted over 46,000 quality buyers from 134 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, the United Kingdom will purchase.

  It is reported that Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair distinctive themed areas into green gifts, personal and health gifts, technology gifts, excellent gallery, fine blend and other area. Among them, the display area of ​​the excellent Gallery brand products are from the excellent hands of the designer; fine blend zone, brings together a wide range of innovative, top gift, into business gift meta-meta-fashion gifts, festival decoration gift meta International Gift blend of four parts. The show, exhibitors can not only come into contact with buyers around the world, you can also smell the latest trends.

  The person in charge of Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce, International Gift & Premium Fair booth has been relatively tight, apply through our efforts this year to 55 booths, so that 50 enterprises in the city have the opportunity to debut in Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, a record over the years, I City enterprises to participate in a new high for the number of the show. With the changing of the international political and economic situation, Yiwu enterprises “going out” increasingly strong desire to seek business opportunities, while the Hong Kong International Gifts & Premium Fair visibility in the industry and its extensive in Europe, Asia businessmen resources, attract less Yiwu enterprises to actively participate.

Yiwu three exhibition to hold during breaks of Canton fair

Office was informed yesterday from Yiwu Exhibition April 21 to 23, the first Yiwu imported goods exhibition, the 7th Yiwu Consumer Goods Fair, the Ninth China International Hardware Fair over the same period held in Yiwu International Expo Centre. Yiwu exhibition Office Director Wang Guocheng said three exhibition held at the same time, to a large extent is to butt the Spring Canton Fair, which is a big factor in the three exhibition held at this time node.

  Guangzhou to Yiwu flights daily to more than 10

  Since the new term on April 15 Spring Fair opening, the increase in Guangzhou to Yiwu flights a day over 10, this two to three times more than usual. And the load factor is quite high, is basically sold out. There are a good sign, foreign businessmen accounted for the majority of merchants said with a smile, from the passenger point of view, Guangzhou fly Yiwu flights simply become “international flights”.

  Fair-like point of view, Yiwu market orders, strong complementarity in the Canton Fair and Yiwu market, which seems to have become some of the business community consensus.

  ”We sent the Mall Group, the advocacy group of thirty or forty people, publicize and promote the Canton Fair, Yiwu Market, Yiwu exhibition information, which many have never been to Yiwu foreign-know Yiwu, also has been to Yiwu foreign deepen Yiwu impression. “Mall Group Vice President Ding Yunfeng said.

  Spring Canton Fair April 15 to 19 for the first phase of the middle three days for the demolition of the development for development time, from 23 to 27 for the second use of this three-day demolition of Show change extension, we must attack ‘three exhibition arrangements, and this is a good choice varieties coincide with the Fair exhibition exhibition, “said Wang Guocheng.

  Yiwu Import Commodities Fair is first held

  It is understood that the first Yiwu Import Commodities Fair organized by the Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, Yiwu Municipal People’s Government. The exhibition area of ​​10,000 square meters, more than 300 exhibiting companies, more than 400 international standard booths, the exhibition is located in Yiwu International Expo Centre, Hall E1.

  Display in this session of the imported goods show in Germany, France, Spain, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Nigeria more than 80 countries and regions, products. The exhibition is divided into imported food, imported commodity imported decorations and gifts, characteristics of commodities in Africa four professional exhibition; the introduction of Korea “HANIL” and “SILVAT ‘” Germany “SKK’s”, “KOCHSTAR kitchen Star, countries wines the well-known traditional brand, during the exhibition will be held in the African song and dance performances, red wine and cultural interpretation, countries Culinary Arts Competition, bird’s nest lectures on the Japanese tea ceremony performances, trade fairs and other activities. The organizers will organize the departments of industry and commerce, customs, inspection and quarantine, intellectual property, and make every effort to exhibits customs clearance, inspection and quarantine and intellectual property protection.

  This exhibition will also Yiwu International Trade City linkage with each other, making the sharing of resources, the platform build. Platform as an extension of the imported goods exhibition, Yiwu International Trade City, five District Museum of imported goods will be more Chinese and foreign investors concern.

  Consumer Fair, Hardware Fair

  Already mature exhibition

  According to Ding Yunfeng Consumer Fair has successfully held the sixth, becoming a national brand event, was named China’s most influential industry brand exhibition in 2007. The exhibition features household items, decorations, home textiles, the four major industries of the imported goods, a total of 493 exhibiting enterprises, 809 standard booths. Mall Group exhibition company call invitation and early registration of overseas buyers obtain a permit until April 10, a total of 1075 people from Spain, Korea, Germany and other countries and regions; 11 has completed the pre-registered buyers team more than 300 people. According to all feedback, is expected to be buyers this year, about 45,000.

  Also, the Hardware Fair is now held nine years, “flourish”. With the expanding influence of the exhibition, more and more companies choose to participate in professional Hardware Fair. To further optimize the structure of the participating enterprises, continue to show the scale of the current Hardware Fair 1200 booth, while a further preferred screening the quality of exhibitors and products of professional, attracting nearly 100 booths of brands, which national Booth accounted for 59 percent, to further enhance exhibition grade.

Seventh Yiwu Spring Consumer Sourcing Fair will set up large-scale animation exhibition section- Yiwu News

 Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Seventh Fair Executive Committee, the Fair will be held on April 29, the proposed large-scale animation exhibition, exhibitors, exhibition scale, displaying the content and so will the previous record fair best cartoon exhibition will be the current Fair will add a lot of bright colors.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Fair cartoon exhibition, the exhibition is located in Yiwu International Expo Centre, Hall E1, showcasing the cultural and creative products, including the cartoon exhibition exhibition area of ​​about 1300 square meters. Show business more than 10, respectively, CCTV China International TV Corporation Dunhuang animation, Shanghai Animation Film Studio, Communication University of China, China Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Film Academy, Dalian, Hu Jun, comic cultural development company. Then, these exhibitors will showcase the latest achievements in animation, animation trends, anime, cartoon characters. Cartoon exhibition will also set up the original animation extension products Street, showing a variety of animation that received by the market to extend the categories of products.

  In recent years, China’s animation industry rapid development, according to incomplete statistics, the average annual sales of national animation extension products reach more than 100 billion yuan, and the market potential is huge. Many lively and lovely animation cartoon image propagation through the film and television work and families, and loved by the children with the majority of adult consumers. With the Yiwu market, “Created in China” products gradually increased through authorized animation extends also to the increasingly rich, some cartoon logo merchandise only popular in China, but also well received by the love of people around the world.

  ”With a fair platform, stronger and bigger Yiwu cultural and creative animation industry, which is conducive to the further prosperity and development of the Yiwu market, but also conducive to the promotion of animation to extend the industrial rapidly. The establishment of the ICIF large animation exhibition is a ‘win-win’ initiatives. “Fair Executive Committee official said.

200 booths intended to create an “Oriental Christmas” – Yiwu News

“This year’s Fair, Christmas items for the first time to the groups in the form of industry associations exhibitors booked a total of 200 booths, and many Christmas goods companies are gearing up, and actively prepare the exhibition and look forward to this year’s Fair was a good harvest.” Yiwu Christmas supplies Chen Jinlin, Industry Association, told reporters.

  European Christmas orders may be late

  Yesterday, the reporter came to Yiwu International Trade City Christmas supplies the professional side of the street interview, see a dazzling array of Christmas supplies everything from foreign shuttle to and from.

  Yiwu Christmas Goods Industry Association data, about 80 percent of the world Christmas goods manufactured in China, of which 80% of production are concentrated in Yiwu and the surrounding areas.In April and May of each year are foreign businessmen for the most intensive in this year’s Christmas order.

  Lang Wu, sales manager of Yiwu Foster crafts, told reporters that he often waited at the phone before the phone call, waiting for the old customers and foreign trade companies. However, some European and old customers to order late this year. Lang Wu, Christmas items with the same experience a few of the business operators, many business owners, said this year’s Christmas orders may be late to.

  Late to order Christmas supplies Yiwu business owners this year’s fair is more of a look.

  Exhibitors Fair for docking Fair

  From April 15, the new Spring Canton Fair kicked off, as the first exhibition of China’s foreign trade, the Canton Fair attractiveness to overseas investors is self-evident.

  Many foreign investors to participate in the Fair, to attend the Fair, but also to the Yiwu market procurement, Christmas supplies buyers also an opening of the previous years, the Canton Fair, Yiwu Christmas supplies buyers more after all this time has come to the pin of the season of Christmas supplies, “said Chen Jinlin.

  This year’s Fair will just overlap with the second half of the Canton Fair, Yiwu able to participate in Canton Fair Christmas goods manufacturers, few in number. Therefore, the door of the “National” exhibition appears to be missed, that Yiwu Christmas Goods Industry Association will organize a large team of exhibitors Fair, the enthusiasm for enterprise registration is very high, so far, there are already more than 90 enterprises to determine exhibitors a.

  The Fair will seize another piece of “Blue Ocean”

  Chen Jinlin told reporters, and all the export processing and manufacturing, Christmas items now encountered some problem: domestic labor costs and raw material costs, the foreign economic situation not seen substantive improvement. Christmas goods manufacturers in the past, competitive advantage, comparative advantage is gradually weakened, the enterprise can only be proactive, innovative, and to win new markets, in order to seize another piece of “blue ocean”.

  It is understood that the fair, 200 booths of Christmas supplies will showcase dozens of categories of products in this industry, there are Christmas trees, ornaments, clothing, lanterns, bonsai, and iron products, Christmas series in Museology at the will create an “Oriental Christmas scene.

  Christmas Goods Industry Association also prepared to set aside the 20 stands for the industry, image display and discuss public business enterprises to set up outside the booth exhibitors, this year’s Christmas supplies to exhibit a small creative fair, I believe the idea to bring Christmas items The industry is a memorable Christmas gift.

Registration HOT for the first Yiwu Fair imported goods – Yiwu News | About Yiwu – Information and News

 Yesterday, the reporter learned from Yiwu China Commodity City Exhibition Co., Ltd., the first concern Yiwu Import Commodities Fair will be held in Yiwu International Expo Center from April 21 to 23. Show Brochure Merchants work has basically ended, 320 registration exhibitors, 430 booths, 45,000 kinds of exhibition goods, the exhibitors and booth number far more than expected.

  First Yiwu Import Commodities Fair is the province only of imported goods exhibition, will be the seventh Yiwu Consumer Goods Fair, the Ninth China International Hardware Fair Held in conjunction with “China Commodity City Exhibition Co., Ltd., responsible person first Yiwu exhibition size and grade of the imported goods to the forefront of the tops in the national show of its kind. Through various efforts, exhibitors booths have been scheduled, the preparation work is basically completed.

  According to reports, the first Yiwu commodity categories of import commodities exhibition by the food, daily necessities, handicrafts, jewelry and gifts, African products, such as composition; exhibitors constitute by the national distributor, distributor provincial, foreign enterprises Direct. Distributor in China, France, South Korea’s six well-known brands, strong-class wine Chuang supplier, the Japanese lifestyle yield and major well-known brand is a proxy such as high-quality companies are registered for the exhibition. To facilitate the accreditation of the exhibitors, the mall exhibition company set up in airports, railway stations, markets, hotels, hotels and other public window of the 23 accreditation points and disseminate relevant information for more than 40,000 copies, and in the form of SMS group sending, to remind the exhibitors.

  It is understood that the introduction of quality enterprises settled in the five districts of imported goods Museum exhibition and market promoted by Co-Prosperity Mall exhibition companies will be exhibiting companies conduct checks, on-site review of the product and information.