Spring and Summer Products Hit the Yiwu Wholesale Market

The good sunny spring days have really boomed the sales of spring products and various summer products also enter the pre-warming sales. New arrivals of various brands have been gradually launched to the market and accounted a big part of the sales.

As a shop keeper of towels in District 4, Yiwu International Trade Mart, Ms. Mao told, though the weather this spring is a little chilly, she had already put on the new products of spring and summer designs in her shop and the market feedbacks seem positive.

As the market monitor department told, spring shoes, like women’s cowhide shoes and coated leather shoes, and men’s casual shoes, etc. have been sold well both in wholesale and retail. Cartoon leather children’s shoes are well-received in Japan, Korea and the¬†Middle East.

In handbag wholesale market, spring styles are prevailing. Fashion factors, like tassel and bright spring colors have been added in the designing of spring handbags. Sports bags and traveling bags, high and medium graded handbags as well, increased dramatically in export. As the cost of raw materials rises, spring and summer handbags also have a small rise at price.



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