Yiwu Railway Station 12 trains the Opening Time Changes

From Yiwu Railway Station yesterday morning, the reporter learned that in order to optimize the passenger train, according to the existing passenger train load factor, the Shanghai Railway Bureau adjust part of the passenger train from 00:00 on March 20th.
In these changed trains, adjust passenger train operation section. Nanjing south to West Jinhua D5661 adjust for Nanjing to Jinhua West, and through the Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail, Shanghai-Kunming bypass, Shanghai-Kunming line running; the original Jiangshan to Nanjing South D5692 running section adjust for Jiangshan to Nanjing and be diverted via Shanghai-Kunming, Shanghai-Kun bypass, Shanghai-Hangzhou, Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed rail operation.

The following trains are in Shanghai Bureau, from the originating station since March 19 began to adjust:
Yantai-Jinhua West K1181, Fuzhou to Nanjing West 2002; the Hangzhou-Jiangshan D5691, Shanghai Hongqiao to Yiwu D5653/D5654 since March 20, according to the new time to run; Nanjing to Jinhua West D5661, west Jinhua-Hefei D5678, Hefei-Jiangshan D5677, Jiangshan to Nanjing D5692 since March 20, run according to the new time.
Shanghai Hongqiao to Quzhou D5689/D5690, Shanghai Hongqiao to Jinhua West D5663/D5664 since March 20 operate according to the new schedules. Huaibei to Jiangshan K8371 run under the new timetable since March 21, K8372 since March 20, run under the new timetable.

Yiwu import export

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