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Yiwu customs clearance

Yiwu customs clearance

As the fasting development of Yiwu commodity export, Yiwu customs clearance is required to speed up to meet the demand of daily exportation.

Yiwu customs Office is located in Yiwu international trade city block F. there are a row of trucks loaded with commodities pass the monitored area of Yiwu Customs, receiving security check every day. It reported that in order to enhanced export service quality Yiwu customs have optimized their export goods customs clearance process constantly and taken measures to improve the customs clearance efficiency. A container driver with Ningbo Port in East China’s Zhejiang Province said that with Yiwu customs clearance significantly speeded up, he can go home early.

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Bonded Logistics Center: “Yiwu Port” another look forward to – Yiwu News

To speed up custom special supervised areas -Bonded Logistics Center: “Yiwu Port” and another looking forward to

March 16, units of the experts by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, the China Free Trade Zone, Processing Zone Association, Hangzhou Customs, Yiwu bonded logistics center (B) the feasibility study report review. The experts agreed that the convenience of Yiwu speed up the construction of custom special supervised areas, conducive to the realization of the import Huanshui, re-export the bonded logistics center rebate, export into other preferential policies to further enhance the Yiwu “buy the world’s goods, selling the world’s goods”.

Bonded Logistics Center (B) how the “bonded”

Although approved by the State Council last year, “Zhejiang Yiwu International Trade comprehensive reform of the overall program” made it clear that support the city, in accordance with the procedures for the establishment of commodity trading characteristics of custom special supervised areas when conditions are ripe. However, for the general public, businessmen, bonded logistics center (B type) is a new concept.

Of Foreign Economic Research of the National Development and Reform Commission, Dr. Yang Changyong, Yiwu now run the bonded warehouse is a customs bonded and supervisory areas, imported wine, olive oil, coconut milk and other commodities in Yiwu market dealers can be placed in a bonded warehouse for storage, suspend the payment of import duties, this can save the financial pressure of the operating households.

Dr. Yang explained, the bonded logistics center, bonded warehousing, transshipment of goods, simple processing, distribution, testing and maintenance and customs logistics business, and provide users with the bonded premises of the radiation multi-functional, integrated and comprehensive services at home and abroad.

For example, such as Yiwu, households need to do a re-export trade, at the time of importation of goods subject to customs duties and VAT, and then export abroad, the export tax rebates, but most products export tax rebate rate is less than the time of the import value-added tax, which re-export trade costs. With Bonded Logistics Center, entrepot trade goods has been bonded state, greatly reducing the cost of the re-export trade.

The bonded warehouse to achieve a breakthrough

Many import traders are no longer strange to lift the bonded warehouse, International Trade City Museum of imported goods, some merchants have been able to skillfully use to which the business, it can change the status of a one-time payment of large sums of import tax, the purpose of suspension of payment of import duties save money pressure.

The benefits of bonded warehouses, the Yiwu Multisuns Nylon Co., Ltd. salesman Tang Xiaoyun with deep feeling, he said: “bonded warehouse does to our cash flow, raw material storage to bring a lot of convenience. Take last year deposited in one of the bonded warehouse batch of raw material, if there is a general warehouse, the shipment a day light rent would more than 3000 yuan, but into the bonded warehouse per ton of goods a day before the rent charged 0.2 yuan, the consignment store one day only 500 yuan bonded warehouse customs procedures convenient, can also temporarily holding over of payment of import duties and taxes, saving us money and save a heart. ”

Gong, director of Yiwu bonded warehouse, bonded warehouse on December 7, 2009 formally put into operation, it implements the zero breakthrough of Yiwu City public bonded business. At present, Yiwu bonded warehouse bonded goods into three categories: wine consumer, chemical fiber raw materials, intermediate products, and diesel engines and other capital goods, bonded goods from Yiwu, France, Britain, Singapore, Spain, Germany and other major trading partners.

“Yiwu Port” Call of Bonded Logistics Center

In fact, made it clear to efforts to build international land port city to speed up the construction of “Yiwu Port” to build a “customs clearance” system as the important support of Yiwu market Yiwu two six-city “urban development orientation.

Of course, from Yiwu commodity flow and direction of view, the Yiwu Foreign Trade and export of one-way trade, import, re-export trade is relatively low, Yiwu logistics nodes mainly as a domestic logistics node, and to become an international logistics nodes some gaps. Therefore, calling the “Yiwu Port” bonded logistics center to match, this is a trend, but also the ardent desire of the Yiwu market.

Ministry of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute Chen Wenjing said with confidence, to set up bonded logistics center in Yiwu many advantages, not only conducive to the Yiwu businessmen to carry out import, export, re-export trade, it will help attract more foreign exhibits in Yiwu Exhibitors promote the development of exhibition industry, but also help to attract large-scale wholesale and retail multinational enter Yiwu, imports, exports by multinational organizations, international and domestic procurement and allocation of distribution of re-export supply, and complete the demolition of consolidation, simple processing and bonded logistics business. Yiwu will gradually increase in importance in the international logistics nodes, and possible further development into an international logistics nodes in the main nodes of the domestic logistics.

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