Yiwu cross stitch high profile to attend yiwu Fair – Yiwu News

 The Seventh China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair will be opened at the International Expo Center April 29 – May 2, in order to show the latest design in the form of product, dynamic, Yiwu stitch will be the industry group, ready to launch 198 Booth “dressed up” stage.

  April 6, Yiwu City, cross stitch Industry Association, Jordan Chan told reporters, Yiwu is the country and the world’s largest cross-stitch industrial base, Yiwu stitch industry is entering the industry, but in 2010 industry peak critical period of adjustment. Therefore, industry associations actively organizing enterprises to participate in the Fair will take full advantage of the door of the “National” exhibition, and vigorously expand domestic and international markets.

  Cross-stitch embroidered into the country’s largest industrial base

  The Yiwu stitch industry, development time is short, but very fast, has become the country and the world’s largest cross-stitch industrial base.

  Indeed, in Yiwu JinFuyuan jewelry the first floor of the building, the reporter saw a cross stitch product is not only a wide range, but the workmanship is quite fine. Everywhere business operators constantly introducing new products, answer customer problems, and from customers in a number of pick a number of popular school of business scene.

  According to, Yiwu JinFuyuan, jewelery the first floor of the building has 100 stitch wholesale shop, cross stitch professional wholesale market in Yiwu, said China’s largest cross stitch professional wholesale market. In addition, in Yiwu International Trade City, Xingzhong Zhaozhai district scattered nearly stitch wholesale shop.

  The statistics show a cross stitch industry associations from Yiwu City, Yiwu, a total of more than 130 cross stitch professional production enterprises with a certain scale, while hundreds of small cross stitch enterprise. In Yiwu and the surrounding area, has formed a complete stitch industrial chain in the production of embroidery, embroidered fabric, drawings, accessories, Yiwu market cross stitch products accounted for about 70% market share each year.

  Baotuan exhibitors in order to the industry breakthroughs

  Learned the trade associations will organize a delegation to the Fair, many companies register the first time, have asked a number of booths, currently has 46 corporate registration, “said Jordan Chan.

  Zhu Qingqing Yiwu stitch Industry Association staff, told reporters, cross-stitch industry looks prospered, but the long-term development perspective, there are still a number of crises there. For example, cross-stitch industry imitation, plagiarism is more common, if a certain style to sell products, we rush into mass action for imitation, competition is fierce and chaotic, which is obviously not conducive to the health of the industry of Yiwu stitch and sustainable development.

  So, pushing exhibitors Yiwu Fair is an upgrade to the industry as a whole image, promote industry brand, high quality, sustainable development initiatives. In order to seek the industry, new breakthroughs in the the Yiwu stitch industry on the one hand will increase the new patterns, new varieties of design and development efforts, on the other hand, copyright protection will promote cross-stitch pattern, this industry, health, healthy, sustainable development.

  The new technology will be unveiled Fair

  Face of the “national” Fair, cross stitch manufacturers looking forward to there, the world’s most advanced precision digital printing machine will also debut.

  It is understood that the Fair at the meeting, cross-stitch industry’s largest booth will belong to the world’s most advanced manufacturers of precision digital printing machine, scheduled for a total of eight stands.

  ”This arrangement is to encourage enterprises to introduce the latest equipment in the industry,” said Jordan Chan. Next, the Yiwu cross stitch business plan will be introduced to the world’s most advanced digital printing machine. Compared with ordinary printing machine commonly used in the industry, precision digital printing machine has the advantages of remote sensing features and 100% accurate positioning, not only to make up for the shortcomings of the past positioning, and the print speed can be increased at least 15 times. Although the precise digital printing machine price is more than 10 times that of ordinary printing machine, but on the scale of Yiwu stitch enterprises decided to timely purchase, in order to seize market opportunities.