Yiwu International trade City Mart board member arrested: 9.5 square meters of

In Yiwu, the popular phrase: “buy a house than to buy shops, stocks not as good as fried shops.”Commodity City (7.80,0.37,4.98%) (600 415) the quality shops of its core assets – Yiwu International Trade City, has been the focus of the merchants compete, but also hidden a lot of non-

Yesterday, the Commodity City in the announcement did not disclose details of company directors, Gong Guohong bribery, but the news is announced, it sparked heated debate in the Yiwu International Trade City. One pair of Yiwu phenomenon few years also surname expert, told reporters “in the business city, to place the transfer of market price of the busy area of ​​nearly ten million, Trade City, encourage self-employment, but also allows the circulation to get a quotient using the right is equivalent to nearly 10 million of real money. Trade City Merchants are likely to breed corruption. “

Gong Guohong was arrested before the actual control of the Department of Commodity City Yiwu Guozigongsi chairman, any director of Commodity City. Because of “suspected of taking bribes, many local people have speculated, Gong Guohong was arrested is likely to be related to commerce city commercial. Yesterday, the reporter several times to call the Deputy General Manager of Commodity City Office Tel Phone has been no answer, while the Propaganda Department of Commodity City without the knowledge of the grounds, declined to be interviewed.

The outside is still unaware of the specific subject matter Gong Guohong involved, but the Merchant opinion Wu Guohua (a pseudonym), including Trade City, Yiwu International Trade City phenomenon puzzling. “In accordance with the investment policies of the Trade City, the merchants qualification will be subject to rigorous screening. But if you walk in the International Trade city, you will find a lot of specific commercial business operators qualification is open to question in some directional brand-name products Business bits, unworthy of the name part of the business operating the product. “Wu Guohua said.

It is understood that the commercial Yiwu International Trade City is divided into three types: directional arrangements, commercial spaces, recruit bidders, targeted investment commercial spaces. Which targeted investment to place the right to use may not be transferred, but the bidding for the commercial spaces and directional arrange commercial spaces, by the use of a written application, the consent of the property owner approval, may apply for sublet procedures.

Yiwu International Trade City, the transfer fee of the number of commercial spaces are often staggering. Documented information shows that in October last year, the Trade City District, suppliers transfer a total of 45 roster registration information, an area of ​​9.5 square meters headdress class shops, the transfer price as high as 6.5 million yuan; cheap flowers class commercial spaces, the transfer fee of $ 80 million.

However, not all of the commercial spaces can become a “meat and potatoes”. Yiwu International Trade City is divided into five areas, with nearly 70 000 shops. According to Yiwu locals in the five boroughs of Trade City, the business of one, two shop owners the best, business transfer fee is the highest; three Second District; four and five still in the market cultivation period, the operating conditions than poor, many firms a year busy head, profit is not enough to pay rent. Therefore, in the Trade City to place the fight, it is easy to breed non-

Second and third floors in prime locations in the Second District of the central hall, one of thousands of square meters of idle land. Nearby shops, the region turned out to be a tourist shopping center, but because the classification of agglomeration, paddle to the Urban, was asked to relocate to the fifth floor of the four districts. Up to now, have been vacant for more than a year.This time the relocation, the relocated families are full of complaints. They had this end two collective letter to the relevant departments attach great importance to this, even verbally agreed to be solved, but now, no progress.

E-commerce online food order service – Yiwu News

Yiwu more than 3.8  thousand torder meals online

 How much take-away market in Yiwu? International Trade City, there are 62,000 stalls, while guarding the 62,000 stalls operating households, in addition to the market on the first floor of the restaurant packed to rely on takeout solve the food problem. The daily average of each booth in the food and beverage consumption 20 yuan a month is more than 3700 million.

  This does not, it was eyeing a takeaway of this big cake from the network ordering platform – rice beans takeaway in Yiwu. From on-line now, just four months the registered users of the m bean takeaway network, more than 8000, most of which are international business city business operators.

  Still call the takeaway? You’re out!

  ”Daily average of 200 single, online takeout in addition to the business operators of the International Trade City, there are some white-collar workers to work in a nearby office.” Miao Dragon is the founder of the m-bean takeaway network before the founder of this site. Miao Dragon International Trade City area, conducted a questionnaire survey found that most of the market dealers hands are usually only 5-6 takeaway single, very limited range of options, over time, eat greasy want to change the taste but suffer to look at the shop to get away, in the vicinity of many white-collar workers, go open, but do not want to go meal peak of the crowded queuing.

  ”A lot of people will be ‘What to eat at noon today?’ Plagued by this problem, which I very strongly about.” Miao Dragon 25-year-old, Jilin, to Yiwu has been two years. To Yiwu, he served as a mold factory in Jilin Assistant Engineer, performed well, can be promoted to engineer a. However, Miao Dragon on their work is not very fond of him really interested in e-commerce. So, when he saw in a newspaper, Yiwu small commodity ocean, there are more than 15 million people engaged in e-commerce here, Miao Dragon resolutely resigned from work, and embarked on a train to Yiwu. Come to Yiwu, Miao Dragon played work record over industry, the greatest feeling even want to eat a good meal so easy, and this feeling eventually became the second Miao Dragon Venture “a source of inspiration . At that time, Miao Dragon-founder of a clothing sales website has been improvement, running account of more than $ 1 million.

  ”In addition to the takeout, meters beans set flowers, set the cake, that time, I would also like supermarkets are also moving online, the rice bean network to create an all-powerful platform.” Miao Dragon disclose, he and full convenience store Wenzhou headquarters of a person in charge, has been on the co-operation between the two sides had an in-depth conversation, and the other showed a strong interest.

  77 takeaway network was brutally attacked by hackers

  In fact, founder of rice bean seedlings Dragon takeaway network is not the first network of Yiwu ordering platform. Early as February 2011, Chen Jianxin, Jinhua guy was founded in Yiwu 77 takeaway network, the business is quite good, at least one or two hundred single daily, more than seven or eight single registered user is up to 38000 names.

  ”On-line takeaway ordering who do not need to pay extra to send meals, our source of profit for merchants settled in fee.” Chen Jianxin, also told reporters that the business settled, they will be some screening, specific practices our staff make home visits for field trips, to see if they have no cooking oil, health status is good. As a result, more comfortable and more willing to ordering online. “

  Chen Jianxin, 27 years old, is the earliest founder of the the takeaway network a group of people, as early as 2008, he founded in partnership with friends Jinhua takeaway network, again this site replication to Shaoxing, Yiwu and other places. However, in December last year, 77 takeaway network of Yiwu suddenly came up against hacker attacks, fear of theft of user data, Chen decided to suspend business, this stop is 3 months, has not resumed operations.

  ”Our site is being upgraded revision is expected to return in April to re-time 77 takeaway network functions will be more complete, such as the user can not register directly with QQ account login, another example can be served in the search businesses according to the price from the sort. “Chen Jianxin told reporters that they not only noticed Yiwu has more than a takeaway network, also found that rice bean takeaway site structure of the network and 77 take-away, is very similar, overwhelmed by a major adjustment , but also to seize the initiative in future competition.

  The takeaway network can be profitable key lies in the distribution

  Built a Web site, restaurants, florists, cake shops hang on to business income in fees, traffic up, you can also sell advertising, it sounds like a sleight of hand tricks tricks, but true would like to profit is not easy.

  ”Yiwu there is more than 200 million population, the immigrant population there are over 150 million take-away market is very large, but that does not mean that each region has a take-away net living space, so, you must sub-regional operations.” Tony Dragon said, after the start of the meters beans takeaway network centered around the International Trade City to conduct business until the stability of the block of business, the the meters beans takeaway network will be preparing to expand the Business School the Huangyuan clothing market two blocks. occupy a larger share of the business of these blocks are 77 takeaway network.

  In addition, the take-away network must also be a breakthrough in the distribution part, because most of the users experienced once or twice a takeaway delivery is not timely, it will reduce online takeout frequency. On this point, the rice bean takeaway network has launched a service to help businesses recruit room part-time staff.

  Jinhua takeaway has their own take-away member team, currently a total of 10 restaurants once encountered too late or do not want to room, we can send its own take-away member to the room. “Chen Jianxin said the 77 take-away The network will also be preparing to form a a takeaway member team, as the restaurant takeaway delivery member bench.