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Goggles ice pack

 Korean beauty to get up first thing to go to the refrigerator looking for two iced over a spoon deposited in the eyes. Goggles the shape of the ice pack than the spoon, this summer, you can health and hygiene and even handsome to the eyes to edema friends.

  Retro TV pendant

  Childhood memories of TV programs to a premature end, only listening to the sound of rustling front of the screen in the snow. But grew up before encountered such a scene, but a few more nostalgic mood.

  Heart-shaped scarf hook

  See it to think of Audrey Hepburn earrings, always simple and generous, revealed a retro atmosphere. Since the retro wind blowing gradually warm weather, retro everyday of course, no less.

Yiwu novelty Products Showcase – Yiwu News

 Hand-held juicer

  Small tools, for “violence” juice of half a lemon stuffed imports yard, open the lid below, you can fully utilize. This summer, lemonade mud, mud orange juice, then Niechu any fruit juice you want.


  Mini Fan

  The weather is getting warmer, last year, the popular little black fan even disappeared, having replaced by brightly colored mini-fan. They are compact, plug in the USB interface on the table will be able to sent bursts of cool. Is also very convenient to go out Oh, as long as it fitted with several batteries on the line.

  OK lens

  Out the door in the morning look in the mirror to find the point of feeling OK lens of the most inspirational to you imply “I’m ready”. OK, it is starting. In addition to its shape people admire, even it is not afraid of bending are not afraid to beat the wood is so admirable side of OK lens morale definitely worth having!

  Sealing device

  The strip seal is the most common form. Previously, the family of closures has been no replacement plan, until a set of small things. They can be selected according to the shape of the packaging seal, round or rectangular in all beat it.