Female club owners organized prostitution, twelve were sentenced – Yiwu News

Ben Wang messages   Hunan Liu (female) in Yiwu opened a club, she was not a good business, but the start of the illegal intrigue. March 26, Yiwu, the court hearing the verdict, Liu guilty of organizing prostitution and sentenced to five years imprisonment and a fine of RMB $ 30,000; other 11 people were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from one to five years.

  Last year, North Road, a club boss Liu Yiwu crowded city street workers, hiring Danmou as a club manager, recruited in charge of accounting for, Minister Xu, cashier warm a welcome FAN, Dengmou and other attendant Wu and others (already sentenced) engaged in organizing prostitution. Mr. Wu is responsible for switching clubs, fifth floor, gates, and check to prevent the public security organs. Liu is responsible for the store Miss skills training. Nine o’clock in the evening of April 9, Xu guests Zhang to 503 rooms in the club, the fifth floor of the iron gate open by Wu, then Xu arrangements the Miss Jiamou room to provide sexual services, Later, the two 498 The price of the yuan occurrence of sexual relations once. 9:30 the same evening of Xu, Dengmou greet customers Wang to the club 505 room, fifth floor of the iron gate open by Wu and into the room to provide sexual services, then by FAN arrangements Miss Liu, after two to 498 yuan the price of the relations between the sexes once.