Yiwu holding 10 Christmas goods industry standards

Hong Kong Daily News (Reporter Fengjun Jiang) “there is no uniform standard, would have been some of our customers ‘to make things difficult’ and the introduction of the standard, be helpful in raising the overall level of Yiwu Christmas supplies.” Huang Ming, Yiwu Christmas Products Industry Association, told reporters industry standards launched to contribute to the consolidation of market share of the Christmas celebration supplies Yiwu in the industry as a whole to grasp the initiative. This Fair, Yiwu held Christmas supplies industry-standard implementation of the conference, once again released a Chinese knot, lantern festivals and festive hanging celebration such as the three industry-standard. Far, Yiwu has released the industry standard of 10 Christmas items.

Christmas celebration supplies is an emerging industry in the before Yiwu release the relevant standards, there are not any product quality standards. In the increasingly competitive market, many manufacturers in order to seize market share, there is inevitably lower prices with each other disorderly competition. Before the introduction of the standard, manufacturers and buyers are usually ‘to talk about the price and then calculate the cost’, there is no guarantee of product quality. “Huang Ming said, after the introduction of the standards, enterprises will be forced to change, no longer the use of substandard products, industry The overall strength can also be improved.

It is reported that the construction of the Yiwu Christmas Goods industry standard can be divided into three stages: the first phase of Yiwu Christmas Products Industry Association, “Simulation Christmas tree and Christmas service December 30, 2009, two trade associations standard national departments and provincial and municipal experts examined and released the first batch of Christmas supplies industry association standards has become an important basis of the Yiwu Christmas goods production and management; the second stage, in October 2010, “Christmas fabric pendant standard “standard” of the bell, Christmas ball standard “,” Christmas flower Standard, Christmas wreaths standard “five standard release of all members is implemented with effect from January 1, 2011; the third stage, Yiwu Christmas Products Industry Association in reality for the members to further expand the business of the “Festivals” in the field, and began the standardization construction for three traditional Chinese festivals supplies Chinese knot series, festive lanterns series, festivals Mask Series, three draft standards have been basically finalized, has been examined and officially released.

It is understood that since the financial crisis, the manufacturing enterprises of Guangdong and other Christmas celebrations demoralized, Yiwu demonstrate the combined effect of the Christmas celebration goods manufacturers contrarian increased more than 200, while accompanied by the recognition increases, Russia, India, Brazil and other procurement to Yiwu The buyers are also being increased.

Industry insiders say, with more than 600 production and management of the Christmas celebration supplies business in Yiwu has become the world’s largest production base of the Christmas celebration supplies, exports to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with annual sales of more than a few billion dollars, involving Christmas tens of thousands of varieties of toys, Christmas trees, Christmas clothing, Christmas lights.

Another reporter learned from the association, industry associations and related enterprises of Yiwu Christmas supplies as a Christmas celebration supplies branch of Chinese etiquette Leisure Products Industry Association for the establishment of the main members, are actively promoting the establishment of the national Christmas celebration Industry Association.


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