Yiwu Market becomes more and more globalized

Yiwu Market becomes more and more internationalization after these years development. There are many changes of characteristics. First of all, the export commodities become globalize. The extension of features has been continuously strengthened in Yiwu Market. Distribution has been extended to Panama, Cologne, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Chile and other places outside the docking with the Yiwu small commodities market in Cambodia, “China City”, Russia’s “Haining House,” Brazil “Chinese city” Italy’s “Chinatown”, the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates “Chinese Products Trading Center,” South Africa “China Gate” etc.

Next, the main exports keep on enlarge. There are nearly 2000 enterprises in just outside the trade representative’s office, over 8,000 permanent foreign Yiwu Commodity Procurement in 2009. The form of foreign trade has to be innovative and rich. Thirdly, export of commodities becomes increasingly diversification. Lastly, the export of the country transfers from developing to developed countries.

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