Yiwu an employee stole 1.5 Million RMB

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March 14, in the International Trade City four districts booth was steal 150 million, the Yiwu police clear up the case in one day, four days recaptured suspects. ”
Yi Ting Industrial Function Area Ribbon Factory, Miss Zhu, has booth in the fouth district International Trade City. Miss Zhu hired two female salesperson and a 30 year old Zhang Leilei to deliver goods.
Around at 10:00 on March 15, Miss. Zhu has to export a loan, so she took out a bank card which has 1.8 million funds in it from the drawer of the office to the bank to complete the formalities.
“Sorry, only 300,000 yuan on your card, the amount is not enough to export!” Bank staff politely said to her.
“Ah? Not possible, there are 1.8 million yuan deposit, how will be less 150 million? “said Miss Zhu. She let the bank staff, and indeed found that the card only 30 million.
“every transaction will have SMS reminders, how the150 million missed? “Usually she let the female salesperson take care of the phone, she immediately back to the booth to ask them, two female salesperson view the phone, which does not have SMS reminders.
Miss Zhu immediately report to the police station.

Investigation: Police locked the inner perpetrator

After accepted Miss Chu’s case, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and Mall police station immediately launched a thorough investigation.

After the Investigation, the police found that Miss Chu card 150 million was transferred to the account of Yan Peng in the evening of March 14. This huge sum of money was transfered to the account of the Zhang Leilei’s three accounts and a Xinjiang man’s account four times, including Zhang Leilei’s 1 million was time deposits, as well as a sum of 310,000 yuan and 90,000 yuan. Xinjiang account also transfered 10 million.
Quickly find Zhang Leilei, the truth will be quite clear. However, two female salespeople said Zhang Leilei had left after them had dinner in the evening of the 18th.
After a series of investigation, the police confirmed that Miss Zhu’s money is steal by Zhang Leilei.
Police investigators immediately looking for Zhang Leilei, after careful investigation, police found Zhang Leilei have fled to Shanghai. March 16, the city’s eight plainclothes police arrived.

Ignorance: Take the risk to let his wife living a good life

3:00 pm on March 18, when Zhang Leilei and a Shanghai girl have lunch in Minhang , the city police in plain clothes with the help of Minhang police captured him.
Zhang Leilei was brought to the local police station, he admitted that he stole 1.5 million from the Miss Zhu card. He said he knows Miss Zhu shared one code on many bank card, he remembered the code.
The evening of March 14, Zhang Leilei and two female salespeople went to underground garage, he lied that his cell phone forgotten in the booth. He took the key from the hands of the female salesperson to return to the booth store, ask them wait. Zhang Leilei went into the room, steal Miss Zhu 180 million bank cards, and transferred the 1.5 million easily into his friend card which is in his pocket by the POS machine on the desk, he then transferred 100,000 yuan into Xinjiang friend’s account. After a few minutes, he calmly returned to the underground. That night, after dinner with two female salespeople, Zhang Leilei then lied his father became ill, the next day did not go to work.
15, Zhang Leilei rent a car, rushed to Shanghai to meet with girl friend. In addition to he buy an I pad for himself, he buy his girlfriend a iphone4s. He can not think he was captured when he was in lunch.
Zhang Leilei also confessed, Miss Zhu’s phone was in the drawer, he delete the message after he transferred the money.
At present, the police had recovered 1.4 million yuan money and goods. The left 10 million lent to friends in Xinjiang the Police will also help Miss Zhu recover.


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