Yiwu City Guide

Yiwu, the city of about 1.2 million people is located in the central Zhejiang province near the central eastern coast of the Peoples Republic of China. The city governs 8 towns and 5 sub-districts. It is well-known internationally for its small commodity trade and vibrant free market.

Today, Yiwu has a thriving scene with a flourishing market, emergent economy and stable society. There have been a constant effort to develope Yiwu City

for years and now the result is evident. The development strategies and particularly commerce promotion has played a crucial role. The urban area has also been expanded from 2.8 Sq km (as in 1984) to about 18 Sq km to date.

Its commodity industry has been leading in the regional economy since its inception in 1995 and was acknowledged as an international commodities market in 2002. Yiwu industry has grown remarkably through these years and now the entire world looks at Yiwu China for small commodities business. This huge market houses 62000 stores and offer around 200,000 varieties of daily necessity products. It is surely a paradise for traders all across the globe.

Yiwu China – the biggest supermarket in the world for small commodities wins accolades when it comes to connectivity. It is well-connected with other important cities in the country. Astounding infrastructure enables very easy access from farthest of the places to Yiwu. World-class airport, frequent flights, railways and roadways- everything connects the shoppers paradise to the rest of the world. Moreover, premium hotels and restaurants with international standards are just impeccable. Many people also prefer to approach Yiwu trade agents who provide one-stop solution. They plan your entire itinerary and even provide translation and shipping services.

The city also strikes balance as it is beautifully developed as a green city. Regardless the tremendous commercialization, there are lush greens spread all over Yiwu. There are various tourist places as the city offers a glimpse into the past glory of China. Many tourists come to visit Yiwu City for its rich history and culture.

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