Yiwu Market Products

Yiwu Market Products

It is an old saying that If you spend 3 minutes in a shop in Yiwu market, one year will be finished. Yiwu is rightly called an ocean of commodities. The market is so huge and there are so many products that one can never get an accurate idea of how many products are available in this market.

For an instance, there are about 1400 shops only for shawls. Within one shop, there are at least thousands of different shawls. With such tough competition arises the need to provide a vast variety and unique products to the customers. That’s how Yiwu has become an international destination for wholesale commodities.

There is an endless list of Yiwu products though the below ones are just to name a few.

Artificial fruits and flowers, home decor, gifts and crafts, clocks, Jewelry and accessories, toys, hardware, locks, tools, lighting accessories, electronics and telecommunications products, small home appliances, bags, sunglasses, belts, shawls and fashion accessories, office supplies and stationary items, cosmetics and beauty accessories, socks, sports products, rain wears, inner wears, caps and gloves, home cleaning products and millions of other daily small commodities.

Some people might be interested in online shopping but as such there is no one website for all these products. It’s not possible to give details of 2 million products on an e-shop website. Therefore it is advisable to visit the market personally to have a clear idea as products usually look very different in pictures on websites.

Price is the most attractive aspect of Yiwu market. Yiwu has been very popular for last 30 years to provide low-cost products. However, things are changing with the new rules and labor laws being enforced in the nation. Now, it cannot keep supplying cheap products for mass production; there is a lot of focus on quality of products too. So, in Yiwu city one can get vast variety under one roof, best quality and the lowest prices- sound irresistible!

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