Dining in Yiwu,Western food,Chinese food,Middle Eastern Food and Indian Food etc

Dining,Western food,Chinese food,Middle Eastern Food

Yiwu has a wide range of restaurants(Coffee shop & Teahouse) to offer; foods can be tasted from every country around the globe,such as Chinese food,Western food and Middle Eastern food etc..Below features a vairety of the very best restaurants(Coffee shop & Teahouse) in Yiwu.

Chinese food

Wow, there are thousands of Chinese restaurants,I’ve no idea to recommand you which one. Walk down the street in Yiwu,you never miss a Chinese restaurants.

Middle Eastern food

There are more than 100 Middle eastern Restaurants in Yiwu and most of them at the Binwang District. middle eastern food In YiwuThe following list just some of them.

Barki Restaurant
ADD:No.38, 8 Street,Binwang District,Yiwu
NaierMu Restaurant
ADD:No.40, 8 Street,Binwang District,Yiwu

Western food

Best Western Restaurant: western restaurant In Yiwu

Guangxini Restaurant
Features:Desserts,Coffee,Grills,All kinds of barbecue
ADD:No.118,7 street,Binwang district,Yiwu

Best Music Restaurant

Yiwu 31 Music Restaurant
ADD:No.220,Binwang RD.,Yiwu

Best Bar Restaurant:

Tekelai Mexico Restaurant
Features: Beet tacos,Beet tajitas,Beet burritos
ADD:2F,No.8, Building 6,Futian business center,Yiwu

For most star-rate hotels have its own Western Restaurant, never worry about your dining in Yiwu.

Korean Cuisine & Japanese Cuisine

Mingyue Japanese Cuisine
ADD:No.2, North Gongren RD.,Yiwu

Ruiri Japanese Cuisine
ADD:No.9, North Gongren RD.,Yiwu

There are more than 100 Korean Cuisines in Yiwu, its impossible to list all. If you do need a authentic Korean Cuisines,just leave a message,I’ll reply you in a moment.

Coffee & Teahouse

Starbudks Coffee
ADD:No.2, North Gongren RD.,Yiwu
Lafang Restaurant
ADD:No.201,Chenzhong RD.,Yiwu

Other Coffee shop (More than one branch):
CITE COFFEE,Cross-strait Coffee,B Shore Coffee,U.N.D.C. Coffee,Ucc coffee,Paris Coffee Restaurant

Fast food

KFC(more than 10 branchs),McDonald’s(2 Branchs)


Papa john’s pizza
ADD:No.160,North Gongren RD.,Yiwu
Pizza Hut
ADD:No.88,Chenzhong RD.,Yiwu
Jamo pizza
ADD: -1F,Century Mall,Chenzhong RD.,Yiwu
ADD:No.311,Huagong RD.

Category: Others

1001 Nights Restaurant
1001 Nights Restaurant4-83, Binwang Business District, Yiwu


0579-85554799, 85554899

This elegant Arabic-themed restaurant is split across two floors: the first floor is the quieter of the two, where smoking and hard-drinking are… Read more>>

Category: Teahouses

Yiwu Qiaotang Cha Ren Teahouse

1 Danxi Lu, Yiwu



This chain originated in Suzhou, and features classical design. Antique style furniture and architecture and staff uniforms are reminiscent of the… Read more>>

Category: Teahouses

Quan Fu Cha Ke Long
Quan Fu Cha Ke Long126 Gongren Beilu, Yiwu



This chain of teahouses is headquartered in Xiamen, with a selection of teas that cater to all tastes and budgets. Tea ceremony performances are… Read more>>

Category: Teahouses

Bolanggu Teahouse

379 Nanmen Jie, Yiwu


0579-85455888, 85455666

A typical Yiwu style classical teahouse. Snacks are served alongside tea ceremony performances. Read more>>

Category: Teahouses

Natural Teahouse

130 Yidong Lu, Yiwu



This large tea house features classical design and tea service, with many of the service staff trained at the Art Skill department of Zhejiang… Read more>>

Category: Cafés

Aidi’er Coffee

132 Danxi Beilu, Yiwu



Classy, romantic atmosphere. Read more>>

Category: Cafés

Bi’an Coffee
Bi'an Coffee 

An Italian company, they have good service and a relaxing environment. Danxi Branch Add: 112 Danxi Beilu, Yiwu Tel: 0579-85100300 Binwang… Read more>>

Category: Cafés

Dio Coffee
Dio Coffee 

Chinese and Western snacks are available here as well. Binwang Commercial Trade Branch Add: 18-22, Erjie, Binwang Commercial Trade Area, Yiwu… Read more>>

Category: Cafés

Mingtien Coffee
Mingtien Coffee6, Bldg A, Yinlong Commercial Building, Binwang Lu, Yiwu



Read more>>

Category: Cafés

UBC Coffee
UBC Coffee 

Binwang Branch Add: 56 Qijie, Binwang Commercial Trade Area, Yiwu Tel: 0579-85570707 Opening hrs: 9:00-00:00 Huadu Branch Add: 151 Gongren… Read more>>

Category: Fast Food

Bobo Dumpling
Bobo Dumpling300 Xiangshan Lu, Yiwu



It sells hand-made dumplings in northern Chinese style, the largest dumpling restaurant in Yiwu. Read more>>

Category: Fast Food

Shanghai Yonghe King Co., Ltd
Shanghai Yonghe King Co., Ltd1 Gongren Beilu, Yiwu



Read more>>

Category: Fast Food

McDonald's1F, Department Store, Chengzhong Zhonglu, Yiwu



Read more>>

Category: Fast Food

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut


88 Chengzhong Zhonglu, Yiwu



Read more>>

Category: Fast Food


1-800-544-5774 ext.8360 ext.326

Xiangshan Branch Add: 119 Chouzhou Xilu, Yiwu Tel: 0579-85332062 Tiancheng Branch Add: 113 Gongren Xilu, Choucheng Town, Yiwu Tel:… Read more>>

Category: International

Yuhuaxi Restaurant
Yuhuaxi Restaurant208 Binwang Lu, Yiwu



Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and Western dishes are served at this restaurant where membership card holders get a discount. One of Yiwu’s best. Read more>>

Category: International

Liang’an Coffee & Western Food
Liang'an Coffee & Western Food1F, 259 Chengzhong Xilu, Yiwu



It not only sells coffee, and also serves Western and local food in a pleasant environment. The prices are high, but the taste is very good. An… Read more>>

Category: International

One Thousand and One Nights
One Thousand and One Nights85 Sijie, Binwang Commercial and Trade Area, Yiwu



With daily specials, everything here is Arabian, inside and out. Recommended: Hommos bi tahina (hu mu si jiang) , mixed grill (zong he shao kao) Read more>>

Category: International

Jinzhou Korean Cuisine

165 Chouzhou Xilu, Yiwu



Typical South Korean cuisine. Recommended: roast duck, stewed potato with little chicken (xiao ji dun tu dou), all cooked with ingredients… Read more>>

Category: International

Italian Cuisine

42-6 Chengzhong Zhonglu, Yiwu



Typical South Korean dishes. An average of 56RMB per person. Read more>>


French Paris Coffee and Western Food Restaurant



Serves Brazilian, Cuban, Italian and French coffee. French meals and snacks are available as well. Read more>>

Category: International

Zunbao Pizza Restaurant
Zunbao Pizza Restaurant1 Nanmen Jie, Century Department Store, Yiwu



Originally from Milan, they are famous for hand made pizza, good pasta and other Italian classics. Take away is available. Read more>>

Category: Sichuan

Bashan Shushui Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant
Bashan Shushui Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant237 Jiangdong Nanlu, Yiwu



Reasonable prices. Recommended: Overlord fish head (ba wang yu tou), hand-torn pork rib (shou si da pai ) Read more>>

Category: Sichuan

Chongqing Zeng’s Hotpot

146 Gongren Xilu, Yiwu


Chongqing-style hotpot, great for all tastes. Read more>>

Category: Sichuan

Longchu Restaurant

28 Ying’en Lu, Yiwu



Good food and prices. Read more>>

Category: Muslim

Madina Muslim Restaurant

877 Chouzhou Beilu, Yiwu



An interesting restaurant that features good Muslim dishes and free pickles. Recommended: stir-fried sheep liver (chao yang gan), dry cake (gan… Read more>>

Category: Hunan

Xiang Xi Bu Luo
Xiang Xi Bu Luo1F, Zhuangyuan Hotel, Chouzhou Xilu, Yiwu



Hunan classics are well prepared and served at reasonable prices here. Favorites are Miao steamed vegetables (Miao jia san zheng), and Tujia steamed… Read more>>

Category: Others

Jilaoda Big Plate Chicken
Jilaoda Big Plate Chicken31, Sijie, Binwang Business and Trade Zone, Yiwu



The famous Xinjiang big plate chicken is a specialty here, though the boiled fish with bean sprouts and hot chili oil is also great. A relaxed… Read more>>

Category: Cantonese

Yueguang Shui’an Hotel

179 Gongren Beilu, Yiwu


0579-85470999, 85470908

A great environment and fresh seafood. Fish skin triangle is a specialty snack here. Read more>>

Category: Others

Haoshanghao Steak Restaurant
Haoshanghao Steak Restaurant458 Chouzhou Beilu, Yiwu



A relaxed environment with unlimited salad. Customers are greeted with free bread, bubble tea and aperitifs. Recommended: Steak with black pepper… Read more>>

Category: Local Cuisine

Chouzhong Restaurant

296 Xiangshan Lu, Yiwu



Serves Yiwu homestyle dishes. Read more>>

Category: Local Cuisine

Yiwu Hotel
Yiwu Hotel103 Binwang Lu, Yiwu



With typical Yiwu cuisine on offer, this restaurant has a great atmosphere and decent service.Read more>>

Category: Local Cuisine

Jiangnanchun Restaurant

72 Gongren Beilu, Yiwu



This restaurant focuses on providing entertainment with dinner. Local cuisine is prepared using a variety of fresh ingredients and seafood, and there… Read more>>

Category: International

Venice Cafe

Binwang International Building , 10 Buliding 2, Yiwu (the Street at…


186 5799 6052

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