200 booths intended to create an “Oriental Christmas” – Yiwu News

“This year’s Fair, Christmas items for the first time to the groups in the form of industry associations exhibitors booked a total of 200 booths, and many Christmas goods companies are gearing up, and actively prepare the exhibition and look forward to this year’s Fair was a good harvest.” Yiwu Christmas supplies Chen Jinlin, Industry Association, told reporters.

  European Christmas orders may be late

  Yesterday, the reporter came to Yiwu International Trade City Christmas supplies the professional side of the street interview, see a dazzling array of Christmas supplies everything from foreign shuttle to and from.

  Yiwu Christmas Goods Industry Association data, about 80 percent of the world Christmas goods manufactured in China, of which 80% of production are concentrated in Yiwu and the surrounding areas.In April and May of each year are foreign businessmen for the most intensive in this year’s Christmas order.

  Lang Wu, sales manager of Yiwu Foster crafts, told reporters that he often waited at the phone before the phone call, waiting for the old customers and foreign trade companies. However, some European and old customers to order late this year. Lang Wu, Christmas items with the same experience a few of the business operators, many business owners, said this year’s Christmas orders may be late to.

  Late to order Christmas supplies Yiwu business owners this year’s fair is more of a look.

  Exhibitors Fair for docking Fair

  From April 15, the new Spring Canton Fair kicked off, as the first exhibition of China’s foreign trade, the Canton Fair attractiveness to overseas investors is self-evident.

  Many foreign investors to participate in the Fair, to attend the Fair, but also to the Yiwu market procurement, Christmas supplies buyers also an opening of the previous years, the Canton Fair, Yiwu Christmas supplies buyers more after all this time has come to the pin of the season of Christmas supplies, “said Chen Jinlin.

  This year’s Fair will just overlap with the second half of the Canton Fair, Yiwu able to participate in Canton Fair Christmas goods manufacturers, few in number. Therefore, the door of the “National” exhibition appears to be missed, that Yiwu Christmas Goods Industry Association will organize a large team of exhibitors Fair, the enthusiasm for enterprise registration is very high, so far, there are already more than 90 enterprises to determine exhibitors a.

  The Fair will seize another piece of “Blue Ocean”

  Chen Jinlin told reporters, and all the export processing and manufacturing, Christmas items now encountered some problem: domestic labor costs and raw material costs, the foreign economic situation not seen substantive improvement. Christmas goods manufacturers in the past, competitive advantage, comparative advantage is gradually weakened, the enterprise can only be proactive, innovative, and to win new markets, in order to seize another piece of “blue ocean”.

  It is understood that the fair, 200 booths of Christmas supplies will showcase dozens of categories of products in this industry, there are Christmas trees, ornaments, clothing, lanterns, bonsai, and iron products, Christmas series in Museology at the will create an “Oriental Christmas scene.

  Christmas Goods Industry Association also prepared to set aside the 20 stands for the industry, image display and discuss public business enterprises to set up outside the booth exhibitors, this year’s Christmas supplies to exhibit a small creative fair, I believe the idea to bring Christmas items The industry is a memorable Christmas gift.

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