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Biography of the main hall

The the Yiwu Farm Mingteyouxin exhibition center has a European museum, the main hall, called Zhou Yang, the ancestral home of the famous hometown of overseas Chinese – Qingtian. He is of Swedish nationality, parents and sisters all live in Stockholm. As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is a good place, there is the hometown of Nobel, rich cultural heritage, relying on the Baltic Sea, is a famous tourist destination.

Very comfortable to live in Stockholm, the entire urban area is situated on 14 islands and a peninsula, between the islands dozens of bridges connected, so have the reputation of the “Venice of the North”. Zhou Yang, vice president of Chinese Association in Sweden, social activities, whenever the Chinese leaders to visit Sweden, he will participate in related activities. In the European Museum of the wall, hung with Chinese leaders to visit Sweden and representatives of overseas photo.

But comfort is not loved by Zhou Yang Zhou Yang love to toss. Zhou Yang in Sweden, the foreign trade business of food, alcoholic, ran all over the world, the business is very prosperous. The Qingtian home thus Zhou Yang often come back to China. He is a Swedish Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce vice president of Zhejiang open the Chamber of Commerce will also come. In 2010, when he returned home, a friend told him Yiwu Farm engaged in a Mingteyouxin Product Exhibition Center, is investment. Yiwu, Zhou Yang, no stranger, he came to have some knowledge of Yiwu market. After a period of inspection, he finally made up his mind to the development of Yiwu.

In November 2010 the European Museum of the opening, Zhou Yang’s flagship red wine and European specialty foods. In his view, Yiwu here, a lot of people’s life has caught up with Europe, Europe is downtown crisis, opportunities to side.

Red wine business is not easy in this market in China varies greatly, fakes flooding the market. Zhou Yang to do this line of themselves positive, line side, there will be customers. And their experience in industry, business, Zhou Yang from the selection the right path and varieties, China’s most influential wine ASC and to optimize the Group, to become their agent in Zhejiang. Him low in the high-end with 100% genuine original bottle. DO level in Spain red wine equivalent to France’s AOC level, mass consumption, to Yiwu, only 35 yuan a bottle, received by the public, many consumers are finished come back to buy more than 90% will “look back”. These people are fond of two, and my heart scales, that taste good, affordable.

Such as France, mid 1789, some hotels and wedding wine, the price per bottle in the 180 yuan to 380 yuan, the sales potential strong. After opening, the sales have been going up, left more than 1000 cases in a single last year before the Spring Festival. The first two months of this year, sales increased by 5 times.

Development prospects, Zhou Yang, confident, and he wants to continue to be “authentic” in the end, in order to expand market integrity; should be “professional” in the end, leading the era of consumer trends. Make their own brands in the cohabitation of the wine market.

Shopping guide who INTRODUCTION

Container in the museum, placed many of red wine, a style different bottle reveals a blurred color red and earnest.

Shopping guide lady said that red wine is the world’s greatest drinks, her pure, refreshing carbonated drinks, soft than hard liquor, dip heart than beer than water. Its color and taste brings pleasure to any one of the drinks can not match.

Red wine contains the essential nutrients, vitamins, sugars and proteins, as well as a variety of amino acids, organic acids, etc., can effectively regulate the nerve center to play Shujinhuoxue efficacy. “Shopping guide lady said, amount to drink wine, help prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent arteriosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Red wine has an innate romantic elements in the soft light, or soft music, romantic up shaking the cup of red wine, pleasure filling the entire body and mind. At this point, even the expensive Maotai difficult to overflow so the atmosphere. Red wine is definitely a unique thing.

Specialty shelves

Lafite red wine “evergreen”, much beloved.

Milk from Europe, has a different kind of flavor.

Small biscuits, but also contains the European style.


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