Ismail Amat visit Yiwu, Yiwu News

Yesterday, Ismail AI, the former vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, Amat and his party to visit yiwu. City leaders Meihua, Xiu Xian and Modification accompanied the expedition.

The city is emerging, special minority Scattered Regions, there are currently about 100,000 of the 50 ethnic groups, minority compatriots gather in Yiwu. In recent years, the city actively explore the institutional mechanisms for good urban ethnic work to further strengthen the construction of laws and regulations, adhere to the city national work into the legal system and standardized, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the minority people.

The same day, Ismail Amat and his party specially came to inspect the the Yiwu Islam temporary places to listen to the parties concerned of the situation in the city to report to learn more about the ethnic minority compatriots in the meaning of life, work. He said that Yiwu is an emerging ethnic minority areas, Yiwu City, conscientiously implement the party’s national policy, all ethnic groups live in harmony, mutual support, solidarity and hard work, forge ahead and jointly write a new chapter in the reform and development, jointly safeguard the stability and unity excellent situation. He hoped that the city continue to pay greater attention to the process of development of the party’s national policy advocacy, implementation and implementation, focusing on the development of minority education, science, culture, focusing on improved quality of life of ethnic minority compatriots, comprehensive building a harmonious society.

The same day, Ismail Amat and his party also inspected the International Trade City.

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