Yiwu officials go to Shandong to promote the 7th Yiwu Cultural productsFair – Yiwu News

March 21 to 23, according to the unified arrangement of the Fair Executive Committee, Municipal Propaganda Department, City of Industry and Commerce Bureau, SMG Bureau, Business Bureau, the Mall Group, City Cultural Goods Industry Association unit made a special trip to Jinan, Shandong Linyi, promote the 7th China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair to good results.

  Linyi convenient transportation advantage, the city has more than 80 various types of specialized bazaars, market prosperity, developed logistics, many merchants, known as “in the north of Linyi, South Yiwu”.

  Promotion activities has been the support of the Department of Linyi Municipal Propaganda Department of Trade and Industry Bureau of Linyi City, Linyi City, the news media, Linyi City cultural industry associations, chambers of commerce, person in charge of cultural production enterprises, market dealers and representatives of more than 50 people took part in the city held in Linyi City, China Merchants breeze forum. The city staff also visited the site of a large-scale cultural goods market in Jinan City, Linyi City, distributing promotional materials and publicity to the business operators Yiwu Promotion Fair.