Yiwu – Hong Kong direct flight route from July 1 to resume service

yesterday, the reporter from Yiwu Municipal Government Port Office was informed that the approval by the State Port Office, the sixth consecutive year temporary opening of this year, Yiwu air port. Yiwu to Hong Kong round-trip direct flights on-time from July 1 to November 15.   One week to fly four days   Fare more benefits   According to the Southern Shantou Airlines to fly the person in charge, and a week last year, every single fat ban this year, Yiwu – Hong Kong flights every Tuesday, four, six, day to fly a week to and from the four classes.   Flights specific arrangements as follows: Yiwu to Hong Kong flight number CZ617, except Thursday departure time is 8:20 am, and the remaining three trips take-off times are 8:00 am, the flight about 2 hours to arrive in Hong Kong.   Hong Kong to Yiwu flight number CZ618, return Yiwu flight departure time except Tuesday at 10:50 am, the remaining trips are 11:10 to take off, arrive around 13:00 Yiwu.   Need to be reminded that international flight clearance test was used to compare carefully the procedure is relatively cumbersome, even from the door of the airport to check in advance at least one and a half hours to get to the airport.   In addition to the convenience advantages of Yiwu – Hong Kong flight fares are very competitive. See from the price announced by the recent Southern Shantou, Yiwu Branch team value in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Shanghai and other surrounding airport offers many added, “a fire, which will summer to visit Hong Kong market to heat up.   Yiwu will become the province   The fourth Airport ports   April 27 this year, the General Administration of Customs formally below Yiwu air port included in the national port development plan (2011-2015). Yiwu air port to become one of the 10 new open air ports of the country during the second five, the province’s five-second period only a new port, will become the province Hangzhou, Ningbo, warm airport after the fourth Airport Port .   Yiwu air port included in the national planning, and this is a major breakthrough in Yiwu pilot. Yiwu air port for five consecutive years of successful implementation of the temporary opening, during which opened Yiwu to Hong Kong Ferry route, a total of 638 sorties taking off and landing aircraft, personnel of 54 487 people, with an average load factor of 66.7%.The proportion of business travelers on the route up to 49.3% last year, overseas visitors for more than half can be described as a truly international flights.   Convenient “Airbus”, both for the convenience of Zhejiang, central and western regions businessmen to Hong Kong exhibitors turn for the better, further promoting trade and economic exchanges, but also conducive to the residents of both each other’s sightseeing and shopping to boost the development of tourism and improve the province’s “big clearance system, and further promote the province’s small and medium enterprises to the world, promote the transformation of the mode of economic development.

50 Yiwu debut International Gift & Premium Fair in Hong Kong – Yiwu News

2012 Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair held in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from today to the 30th. Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Yiwu international trade associations and the city’s Han Hee handbags, color printing, dual benefit trademarks clever shell crafts, stationery Qiaoyi Pettitte leather goods such as 50 exhibitors, 55 standard booths.

  Hong Kong International Gifts & Premium Fair, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council 27th anniversary this year will enter the largest show of its kind in Asia, ranked second in the world. Exhibits include promotional gifts, corporate gifts, small furnishings and accessories, packaging, stationery and paper products, wedding gifts and supplies. It is reported that the 2011 Hong Kong International Gifts & Premium Fair 4200 booths, a total of exhibiting companies from 36 countries and regions, including the mainland of China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore Spain, 15 pavilions set up an independent exhibition at the show. The four-day show attracted over 46,000 quality buyers from 134 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, the United Kingdom will purchase.

  It is reported that Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair distinctive themed areas into green gifts, personal and health gifts, technology gifts, excellent gallery, fine blend and other area. Among them, the display area of ​​the excellent Gallery brand products are from the excellent hands of the designer; fine blend zone, brings together a wide range of innovative, top gift, into business gift meta-meta-fashion gifts, festival decoration gift meta International Gift blend of four parts. The show, exhibitors can not only come into contact with buyers around the world, you can also smell the latest trends.

  The person in charge of Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce, International Gift & Premium Fair booth has been relatively tight, apply through our efforts this year to 55 booths, so that 50 enterprises in the city have the opportunity to debut in Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, a record over the years, I City enterprises to participate in a new high for the number of the show. With the changing of the international political and economic situation, Yiwu enterprises “going out” increasingly strong desire to seek business opportunities, while the Hong Kong International Gifts & Premium Fair visibility in the industry and its extensive in Europe, Asia businessmen resources, attract less Yiwu enterprises to actively participate.