Yiwu jewelry market scale and the future development trend

In recent years, the jewelry industry from the jewelry, gifts and crafts industry separated, comprehensive formed a new industry. As a new economic growth point of jewelry, developed countries has gradually to mature. Various grades of stores, outlets dotted; All sorts of design, various levels of products fully meet the growing market demand. And in mainland China, the industry is still at an early stage of development. Along with the social economy, the culture of the leap development, people were going from WenBaoXing into xiaokang society, advocate the human nature and fashion, and constantly character and charm, has become a people’s pursuit
Yiwu city jewelry industry originated in the change after the opening of eighty s, in 1982 yiwu people from Hong Kong to act the role of article to wholesale. Due to the high cost a small profit, commodity market is acted the role of article manage door increase very soon, in 1992, yiwu city farms act the role of article had hundreds of business, the market for this established a special trade sector, but are not yiwu local enterprise. That same year, yiwu people made the first local accessories factory, since then, yiwu jewelry industry development is rapid, at present has emerged in a home to more than 3800 specialized is engaged in the jewelry manufacturer. This paper yiwu yiwu decoration industry in recent years the development situation of a review and analysis, and the next few years the development trend of yiwu decoration industry characteristics and put forward his opinion.


four, yiwu area jewelry sales three main sales channel

【 jewelry industry export situation analysis 】
A, yiwu city on the field of the accessories sales year-on-year growth of the 30, foreign trade exports account for seventy percent in 2002, yiwu decoration industry sales more than 8 billion yuan, become the nation’s largest jewelry production base, 2003 years sales reach more than 10 billion yuan, in 2004 total sales to preliminary statistics 12 billion yuan. In recent years, yiwu decoration industry rapid growth and made gratifying situation is obvious to the facts
Second, in 2005 the export of yiwu ornaments export steady growth, is expected to remain in the first class hardware accessories national accessories sales more than 100 yuan, adorn article production base to Qingdao, guangzhou, yiwu form the potential of the tripartite confrontation, it is estimated that by 2010 China act the role of tasted sales will be more than 180 billion yuan RMB, the of the world total sales of more than 10. In 2005 the export of yiwu jewelry stable growth and expect 2005 adorn article exports will exceed 17 billion yuan RMB, among them, the metal ornaments export growth 46.32%; Plastic accessories increased 30.25%; Glass jewelry, up 26.82%; In addition jewelry, resin adorn article, shell, other products export also have maintained rapid growth.
Three, yiwu adorn article variety in yiwu production more than 20 varieties ornaments, preliminary statistics yiwu each jewelry enterprise around more than kinds of new fund adorn article listed. Adorn article mainly divided into necklace, bracelet, earring, ring, bag act the role ofing, brooches, brooch, hair circle, JiaoJuan, buttons, chain.scarves buckle, belt buckles, tie clips, hairpin, and all kinds of alloy, claw chains, copper, silver, acrylic, plastic, resin, glass, cloth, wood, stone, pearl, shells, skin, precious stones, and gold jewelry, electronic products. Cheap, larger sales to win

(a) to China yiwu international trade city a period for sales base. China commodity city is based on the development needs of the international market with built in modern wholesale market. The first period engineering investment of 600 million yuan, on 28 September 2002 built and put into use. The project covers an area of 420 mu, and building area of 340000 square meters, the main market, production enterprise set up direct marketing center, commodity procurement center, storage center, catering center five areas, there are more than 9000 ShangWei more than 10000 households manage door. And with 179 countries and regions in the yiwu business institutions established at 221, almost 50000 people a year to yiwu purchasing goods
(2) of foreign trade and economic cooperation shall hand out its decision jiang province, yiwu city people’s G_O_V at the China yiwu international small commodities fair as the platform. In 2004, for example, China yiwu international small commodities fair trade volume of 7.43 billion yuan realize exhibition, foreign trade volume of 563 million us dollars, accounting for the total turnover of 62.9; Pavilion area more than 70000 square meters, the establishment of an international 3000 standard booths, 1700 exhibitors were from the United States, France, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Singapore, more than 20 countries and the area, with 142 countries and regions in 12312 foreign purchasing exposition.
(3) the traditional department stores, supermarkets, adorn article chain stores. And thousands of home engaged in the foreign trade companies, and traditional department stores, supermarkets, adorn article chain stores.
Five, yiwu jewelry enterprise in the face of the fierce competition in the industry, with a strong momentum of development proud squealing industry.
(a) yiwu in price competition advantage. Yiwu jewelry industry has a including product development, material supply, logistics and distribution and product sales, the industry chain, with the aid of the local market advantages rapid development. Yiwu jewelry industry is the typical labor-intensive industries. For example: brooch, necklace, headdress flower, bracelets, etc. The production material, make simple cheap, the low price sale, in order to small profits and quick turnover for the purpose. In recent years, China’s jewelry is in the ascendant, with a strong momentum of development proud squealing industry. After a recent development, yiwu production act the role of article and the north of the Qingdao and on the south side of the guangzhou formed the jewelry industry of the three pillars of pattern. So far, yiwu is China decoration industry production and marketing center, of China’s total sales of 70 / strong >
(2) yiwu in categories competition yiwu act the role of article production enterprise now of more than 3000, production of more than 20, engaged in the production, distribution of ornaments have more than 100000 people, more than 120 annual sales of, of which 70% exported to abroad. Yiwu adorn article not only in designs and varieties, quality price advantage, important is in design respect has lead the international trend, popular in Hong Kong. Quality competition:
(3) yiwu enterprise brand is very competitive domestic market affinity, the better the market share the higher, the country to brand are unusually fierce in competition. Shenzhen art China, east company’s, the beauty, the drill international, he loves to get jewelry, shenzhen together, HongFu jewelry, margin porch XianLu jewelry, anhui blue god, shenzhen sincere beauty, shenzhen JinDaFu, prestige jewelry, shenzhen green, warp and weft jewelry, shenzhen jintai, suzhou is so, wanfu jewelry, J P L, Qingdao days red

Jewelry Market in Yiwu

Jewelry Market in Yiwu

Yiwu Jewelry Market Located 2nd Floor, District 1 of China Yiwu International Trade City. It opens from 9 am to 5 pm not including 15 days during Spring Festival. It is the famous market in Yiwu. There are 7,000 booths of fashion jewelries and hair accessories, such as rings, hair bonds, hair clips, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, jewelry sets with different materials and designs etc.

A typical booth is about 4*4*3 meters. About samples, most of them cannot be bought because in a booth they always just have a sample for each kind. But sometimes a few booths will offer free samples if you have a strong desire to place an order. If you place your order, the former sample fee you paid would be deducted from the amount. The price of arts and crafts decides by your order quantity. It is true that buying a sample is much more expensive than the wholesale price,but still much cheaper than the retail price in stores. So if you order a little you’d better not expect the warm services.

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