Yiwu vehicle purchase tax is a new high – Yiwu News today Yiwu

 the first quarter of this year, Yiwu has a total storage of the vehicle purchase tax 151 million yuan, an increase of 11.32%. According to reports, a quarter of the city levied a total of 11,669 units of vehicles, an increase of 12.37%, vehicle purchase tax levied vehicles and storage of the tax year on year there have been a substantial increase in, a new record. Among them, the 9808 Taiwan-made cars, an increase of 21.3%, storage tax of more than 9800 million, an increase of 17.5 percent over the same period last year.

  IRS-related analysis, a quarter of the vehicle purchase tax is a substantial increase was primarily due to three factors: First, since the beginning of this year, Yiwu City, the national economy maintained good momentum of development, people’s car consumption demand is relatively strong; As part of the dealer increase the inventory, the urgent need to return the funds, launched major efforts to promotional activities, the highest part of the imported cars fell more than 20 million, to stimulate car consumption; three countries raised prices twice this year, consumers buy 1.6 liters and The following small displacement passenger car sustained significant increase in the number, resulting in the substantial growth of the domestic small-displacement car sales.

First quarter of Yiwu China Commodity City turnover of nearly 100 billion – Yiwu News

 A quarter of the total turnover of Yiwu fairs amounted to 14.42 billion yuan, an increase of 7.45%; China Commodity City turnover of 9.864 billion yuan, an increase of 9.1%. From Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau data, passing such a signal in the foreign trade of gratifying situation, Yiwu market is the promotion of the pilot reform continue, “the siren song.

  International Trade Building, upstairs, the Iranian foreign Amit and 45 Iranian friends together operates three foreign partnership, foreign trade companies. As a whole seven years of foreign investors, Amit has long been a “Chinese” is a business in Yiwu, Yiwu pass.

  ”Iran is the New Year, Chinese New Year and the Iranian New Year in the first quarter, but staggered, so we had a great impact on exports to Iran by Amit skilled Chinese say, plus National Iranian riyal against the U.S. dollar continue to decline in recent years, the RMB against the U.S. dollar hit record highs, resulting in the sharp drop in the purchasing capacity of the Iranian buyers. Amit companies rely on business in Algeria, United Arab Emirates, compared to this year’s business last year or less.

  Amit said, with the end of Iran’s New Year and the Iranian foreign gradually back to Yiwu, he believed that next to Iran’s export trade will be gradually improved. Next, he will travel to Guangzhou to set up companies, as a base in Guangzhou, Yiwu small commodity sales to India, Turkey and other places.

  Ouyang Xuan, also from Iran, admits, business is always high season and low season, the beginning of this period of time, just in the off-season, relatively speaking. Especially now that the situation in the Middle East are not very stable, largely affected the foreign trade export business of the Middle East. But he also said, through the enhancement of other areas of business, the overall company operations remained stable.

  According to related statistics, in January-February this year, Yiwu import and export total value of $ 520 million, an increase of 8.7%, an average increase of 5 percentage points higher than the import and export of Zhejiang Province. Which self-exports of $ 470 million, an increase of 7.3%, imports of $ 053 million, an increase of 22.1%.

Yiwu, exhibition seek opportunities inShenzhen – Yiwu News

 reporter was informed that opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre will be held in April 25 “20th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, handicrafts, watches and Houseware Fair”, gathered in 3300 more than the well-known brands at home and abroad, many of whom card slaves, daily necessities, large Zhuang poker, the Xinhua poker, the Tao wood Square, Xin Simpson Hardware, Lei Shing decoration, Gagaku home and other Yiwu local brand.

  In recent years, the strategic cooperation of commodity production enterprises in our city and Shenzhen Gift Fair, year by year, the organizers repeatedly come to Yiwu to hold a press conference, the strong support of the city’s Association of gifts, textiles, toys and other. They not only participate in the exhibition, even Distributor Conference moved to the exhibition site, the deployment of more professionals to the scene to listen to buyers suggestions and comments, one-stop shop to achieve business objectives. A business owner, compared to the all over the country to sell, so better save a lot of manpower and resources.

  According to organizers, due to the previous show by inside and outside the industry favor, this exhibition will not only occupy nine pavilions of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, and continue to open on the second floor Service Hall of the channel as a boutique display area, and increase the free train of the Pearl River Delta and other regions service efforts to provide trading opportunities for more businesses and buyers. The same time, give full play to its advantages in resources and services advantages, this exhibition in addition to strengthening the buyer matching, distribution channel development and other trading services, new conference, trend seminars will also be a grand opening, from multiple perspectives depth analysis of the gift industry development the future direction of exploring the gift of brand development in the global pattern.

  Learned from the measurement data of the recent Chinese Gift Industry Research Institute, domestic gift market, the total annual demand of nearly 800 billion yuan, along with the era of big gift, its scope extended to all aspects of the basic necessities of life.

Yiwu to blacklist untrustworthy foreign merchants with closer supervision

  BEIJING, Yiwu, March 28 (Reporter Zhang Yan) “We will strengthen the daily supervision of foreign and foreign-funded enterprises and foreign partner enterprises, some of the commerce process against the interests of merchants and guilty of the violations included in the to the blacklist “. Afternoon, Bao Rong Jian, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, Deputy Secretary for Commerce in boosting the pilot reform of the international trade services, economic development news conference, said Trade and Industry Bureau to give full play to the business functions, lead and growth of foreign companies but also to regulate their behavior, as Yiwu International Trade reform pilot to make a better service.

Yiwu exempt small micro-enterprise from administrative fees to encourage the development of headquarters economy – Yiwu News original news

Zhejiang Online, Hangzhou, March 28 (Reporter Yeh Hai) Yiwu, Zhejiang, the business sector today the introduction of the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau boost the reform of the pilot service economy developing a number of opinions “clear” exempt from administrative fees of the small micro-enterprise “to cancel the small and medium-sized micro- business registration (change) registration fee, annual fee, county (city) business license fee and other expenses.

  Launched the “opinions” from the market, the main access to the financing channels to broaden and optimize the development environment to cultivate the foreign main deepen brand building eighteen initiatives to boost the comprehensive reform of the work of Yiwu International Trade Services Yiwu local economic development.

  In an effort to reduce the principal venture “opinions” in addition to explicitly exempt from small micro-enterprises administrative fees, “external, but also proposed to exempt from the individual businesses and farmers’ professional cooperatives registered (change) registration fee (city) business license fee and other expenses.

  Zhejiang reporter saw the “opinions” also explicitly encourages the development of headquarters economy, clear enterprise approved by the business sector can use the ‘headquarters’ in the name, ‘regional headquarters’, ‘R & D headquarters’ and so forth “.

  Yiwu City Secretary for Commerce and Qiu increase in France, said the local business sector will have all types of investors to invest in new energy, new materials, new medicines and other six emerging industries and high-tech industries to support, encourage enterprises to increase new product development efforts and capacity science research with the development, support for universities, research institutes and enterprises to set up industrial technology innovation entities.