Yiwu Purchasing service extends to Retail section

.“In the past, is to help domestic consumers to overseas purchasing now is to help foreigners to purchasing retail goods in the domestic shop is ‘external network on behalf of’ the business in the future may be a good transition.” Yesterday, against the company just start-ups to help foreigners network on behalf of the retail merchandise business, Yiwu Hao Hui Trade Co. Ltd, said, every order is not large, but as long as the number more than enough profit no less.

  [Shop price advantage

  To attract foreigners to come to Taobao

  Yesterday morning, at the site Taobao, patted and other small appliances shop some price, the company staff Xiaoxu selected which an iron pattern next to the “buy” button and click with the mouse, enter the payment page to complete single procedure.

  ”This is St. Petersburg, Russia 名叫瓦纽沙 buyers require purchasing in addition to iron, the buyer also requires purchasing two pairs of large-size cattle boots, a large outdoor mounted, and a queen Down The price of 2200 yuan. “small Xu Jieshao, all goods from each shop sent the company will be in service in accordance with the buyer orders one by one to check, confirm correct then unified packaging. Finally, fill in the Russian address and contact information of the buyer reserved directly through postal EMS and other logistics channels and send them over.

  Trading partner for many years in Russia early stage of the two original amount of wholesale business decline, overseas purchasing agent also compressed profit margins because of tariff increases, so try the external network on behalf of business, did not think the business was The good. “Yao Hui, Ho Fai Trading Co., Ltd. is responsible for partners in Russia has its own trade website, hair up websites such as domestic Taobao shop merchandise at low prices attracted many local consumers. Also a large outdoor cotton tops retail price in Russia is likely twice the price of domestic shop. ”    

  Look at the orders of the comprehensive Russian buyers, some buyers will specify the requirements of purchasing a particular brand of a commodity, and some good talk, as long as the color, size, quality meets the requirement, the price range to allow to relax a little.Purchasing goods category, basically clothing, footwear, knitwear and other consumer goods.

  [Network on behalf of commodity profits]

  Three aspects will receive income

  Use its own channels in the external network on behalf of one of the profit guarantee how? In this regard, Yao Hui, frankly, whether it is to help foreigners purchasing, or to help domestic consumers purchasing, there is not much difference between the two, there are three main benefits.

  Commissioned to the Russian buyers purchasing for example, First of all, buyers in the confirmation of the purchasing agent to pay a purchasing commission, usually about 10% of the total price of goods, if the total price is lower, according to the commission reserve price calculation, this The commission by Yao Hui and Russian trading partners pro rata share.

  Second, the Xiaoxiang foreign trade companies, responsible for major procurement chain retail goods to help foreigners find, you can select a number of good reputation Taobao as a long-term supplier, the price below the site agreement price to buy the goods, produced by the difference profits.

  Finally, in the packaged goods to Russia of buyers mailing address into the customs and other issues, there is the cost of additional computing. Under normal circumstances, in order to ensure the goods smoothly into the customs fees charged to the buyer will be slightly higher than the actual costs. This is also the least an income, after all, Russia have unified the provisions of the tariff will not be much deviation.

  External network on behalf of the associated costs may seem pricey, but still a good deal for Russian buyers. For example, a certain brand of a iron shop retail price is basically about 60 yuan, count the purchasing commission and into the customs cost of the purchaser to pay the purchase price will not exceed $ 100, but in Russia, the same paragraph irons retail price of close to 200 yuan.

  It is understood that in order to apportion mailing costs, many Russian buyers a one-time purchase of various commodities, or friends and relatives to fight single “purchasing.

  [Different industrial structure]

  External network on behalf of “money scene” optimistic

  ”In addition to Russia, the next thought of Thailand to see the use of the resources of the old customers purchasing business done.” Yao Hui said that he was very optimistic about the business of the foreign purchasing retail goods. The main reason is that in many countries the industrial structure, the light industry and daily commodities is relatively weak, or high production costs, so that the high retail price of local household goods, while many shop prices advantage, just to meet the demand of foreign consumers purchase zero.

  Professional street in Yiwu door industry, market dealers Hu Description: Not long ago, a buyer from Georgia has ordered five wooden doors with fire safety features, saying that a friend commissioned for the decoration of the new villa. Buy The family said their domestic rarely see such products, even if there is a business sales, the price is higher than here. “

  Reporter in an interview that in recent years, commissioned by a friend, there are many purchasing agent Yiwu purchasing retail goods foreigners.

  Consumers to purchase point of view of the capacity of the national industrial structure, like the Middle East, EU, ASEAN and other countries and regions more suitable to carry out the external network on behalf of business people in the industry, these countries are either light industrial products prices are high, or do not have perfect light industry industrial chain, have good market potential for development. However, in practice, the requirements of the domestic purchasing business is relatively high, for example, in the countries best familiar with trading partners to work together to solve the problems of currency exchange, into the customs and follow-up services.

Yiwu: international freight forwarding and logistics industry reached new heights – Yiwu News

Yesterday, reporter learned from the Yiwu International Freight Forwarders Association, by 10 international freight forwarding and logistics companies in the city “Baotuan combination of Zhejiang Yiwu international logistics and freight forwarding. Trade and Industry Bureau has recently got the” license “, which declared the Yiwu International freight forwarding field combining the strengths of the formation of the first “public fixed positions” platform was born, the city of international logistics and freight forwarding industry and therefore to enter a new period of development.

  Against the background of calls for the international logistics industry to enhance

  In the Thirteenth Party Congress, and this year’s “two sessions”, the building of the about Yiwu land port city has always been an important subject of care and concern. How to make the city a huge logistical advantages, speed up the construction of “Yiwu Port” pace? The meeting has become a hot topic at the city from top to bottom multi-dimensional focus.

  ”Yiwu Port” two commodity exports, the monitoring center project, Commodity domestic logistics centers, major logistics projects are accelerating many of the supporting hardware facilities and management models are also multi-faceted to enhance, in an effort to enhance the carrying capacity of the city logistics, and gradually form a rational layout, structural optimization, advanced technology, fully functional, modern logistics system.

  Yiwu’s development background, asked us to go hand in hand with all levels of logistics-related. “Kam Lai Sin, Yiwu International Freight Forwarders Industry Association, said the city as the country’s largest commodity export base and the world’s largest commodity distribution center, market oriented degree 60 % or more, the momentum of international logistics is very strong. According to customs statistics, in 2010, 2011 for two consecutive years Yiwu customs supervision and export containers are more than 570,000 TEUs.

  ”Such a large foreign trade cargo throughput, the need for a smooth passage, during which thousands of international freight forwarding and logistics companies also play a special role in the new environment has put forward higher requirements for the team.” Said Kim Korea cents.

  Becoming the norms in the international logistics industry development

  Learned in Yiwu International Freight Forwarders Association office, few data: First, to the end of the city’s international freight forwarding companies to 1056;, sponsored by the China Logistics and Purchasing Federation in December last year announced the closing the thirteenth installment of a total of A class logistics enterprises in Zhejiang Province, 247, by region, Ningbo, 89, 42, Hangzhou, Huzhou, 19, 12, Wenzhou and Yiwu to 31, most of these enterprises, international freight forwarding and logistics enterprises.

  ”With the growth of exports of Yiwu market, all these years the freight forwarding and logistics industry has developed rapidly.” The office of the Association Huang said that the start up of enterprises engaged in freight forwarding warehousing is also a herd, there are quite a mixed bag phenomenon. A small number of enterprises in order to Mohr-McClune, illegal operations, regulatory and export adversely affected. In order to regulate the operation, establish a good image of the Yiwu International Freight Forwarders, Yiwu International Freight Forwarders Warehousing Association was established in 2008 under the guidance and assistance of the relevant departments.

  The Association was founded at the beginning, although only 32 companies in the industry put up a benchmark. Members through the development of enterprise self-discipline convention to make a public commitment to the community and to regulate the business activities of enterprises. After several years of operation, the International Freight Forwarders Association has grown to more than 100 member companies, the Association In order to promote the “Yiwu Port” the height of the building to look at the development of the freight forwarding industry, in communication with the relevant departments of the government and customs inspection and quarantine play a good role as a bridge.

  Business has become increasingly standardized, export supervision of the customs and other departments to provide a convenient, but also bring benefits for other companies. Yiwu customs this end built a “green channel”, the creation of Freight Forwarders Association declaration Window priority orders, greatly facilitated the member companies of the relevant member companies. This kind of “reward good faith” measures to promote further regulate the business atmosphere formation and upgrading.

  ”To Baotuan bigger build the new platform of international freight forwarding

  It is understood that with the changes in the international freight forwarding business situation and the environment, has been “small, weak, chaotic,” the model is being more and more challenges, international freight forwarding companies, mergers, restructuring and joint imperative. International Freight Forwarders to coincide with the city ‘Yiwu to Hong Kong’ construction must closely follow the situation and be willing to invest, and strive to become bigger and stronger. “

  With the establishment of the Zhejiang Yiwu International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.. In this direction has been substantial breakthroughs. This strong combination led by the Group of Holdings, and Yang Xiang international freight forwarding, Hua Haoguo occasion cargo nine International logistics company jointly build a large international logistics and freight forwarding company.

  Sun Jianhong, chairman of the amount of Holdings Group, said: “Yiwu market is the world market and logistics go hand in hand, and the service been done, the international logistics articles do. Yiwu export of goods, logistics and agents enterprise scale are small, so that is not foreign to find freight forwarding companies, a look at the price of two to see this time, 10 companies jointly established a new company to build a Yiwu public fixed position platform to enhance the grade of doing international logistics and service quality. “

  It is understood that Yiwu out, go through a freight forwarding company in Ningbo and other sub-handedly, and “Yi Union” was established, you can directly with the shipping company to talk about business, in the middle to reduce a part of, and reduce costs. – United on the size and grade, but also enhance the taste and image of the Yiwu International Logistics and even Yiwu.

  ”Yi Union” on the road, but also to strengthen the exchanges between peers, the reporter in an interview with Sun Jianhong, he just received a message, the leadership of Nan Yue Logistics accompanied by Jinan University School of Management professor and his party come to Yiwu to study international logistics.

  Sun Jianhong, said the company’s operations, plans to invest to build a fleet of 200 container drag truck, which change the history of its own large fleet in Yiwu.

Business Ethics in China.Yiwu a must visit place in China | Yiwu news

Business Ethics in China.Yiwu a must visit place in China

Posted on March 27, 2012

Everyone loves to traudio-videoel a greupond explore new things. Some traudio-videoel wind up ascause traudio-videoelling is one of their hobbies while some traudio-videoel to take leaudio-videoe from their tight schedule. While traudio-videoelling we tend to visit different plhhasf truthsets. By visiting different plhhasf truthsets we get to know concerning the different ways of living, cultures, vhasues, ethics, ideologies etc. other tha greupon thupon it potentimostlyy expa greuponds our knowledge with regards to knowing the world. Our world is so huge a greupond wide which consists of millions of plhhasf truthsets to visit. Apcreuponive art from the Seven Wonders of the World there are extensive add initionhas plhhasf truthsets which count visiting.Chinese Business Guidelines. Among mostly one such plair conditionerse is the Yiwu internuponionhas trade city in china. The Yiwu city is locconsumedd in the centrhas Zhejia greupong province near the centrhas eastern coast in the country china.

Whupon makes Yiwu some sort ofwide trade city?Business Ethics in ChinaYiwu a must visit place in China.

Yiwu is known as some sort ofwide trade city while ithas ffeelous for its ha greupondicrafts a greupond stuponionary products. Trdriving instructorng in this city takes plair conditionerse in larger numwind up asrs as different kinds of products are produced here. As it is slend a ha greupond to thupon intervhass of city hwhen its own specihasternuponivey the city of Yiwu is not only forwards in the goods trdriving instructorng website however is versuponile in its food, market whilst in thefrastructure. As tourists, commercihas traudio-videoellers a greupond traudio-videoelers come in large numwind up asrs for importing a greupond exporting goods a greupond products in this city, it is known to wind up as a hub for internuponionhas trade.

Yiwu Market China

China hconsidering thupon largest sock market in the world a greupond thupon if thasking concerning the Yiwu commodity market one need not worry with regards to buying different kinds of goods a greupond essentihass. One could find goods stcreuponive arting from clothes to cosmetics to jewellery to culturhas products in this commodity market.Terrace Farming.is the only commodity market in china which hin order topped other commodity markets continuously since the past 6 years. The Yiwu market has ended up wind up asing titled the nfeele of Chinahas market economy when it consists of wide ra greuponge of good quhasity products in a low priced rconsumed. Also the Yiwu wholesdraugustht wind up aser market has flourished extensively a greupond has wind up as a spinod market which provides the finest quhasity goods.

Accommoduponion fair conditionersilities in Yiwu china

One ca greupon find the increottomd of five star hotels in this plair conditionerse of which every hotel depicts the typichas Chinese culture. The staffs of these hotels are renumwind up asr one mostlyy thely polite a greupond provides y4ou the increottomd of services. The food redriving instructorly obtainmostly set is the typichas Chinese food which is truly laudio-videoish.

After haudio-videoing a proper idea probleming the lodging, market a greupond trade hinsta greuponceenings in Yiwu China we come to the conclusion thupon it is one of the fastest growing website centers in the world where you ca greupon find the increottomd of things right from tra greuponsportuponion to shopping. Thus one must not miss out visiting Yiwu if he or she is pla greuponning vair conditionersuponion to China.

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Yiwu: Asean-China Centre Calls For More Malaysian Involvement

BEIJING, March 26 (Bernama) — Asean-China Centre (ACC) secretary-general Ma Mingqiang has called for more Malaysians to use the centre as a platform to promote Malaysia and boost ties between China and Asean countries in trade, investment, tourism, education and culture.

His call for active cooperation of the Malaysian private sector with the ACC comes in the wake of visits by Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed and Malaysia-China Business Council president Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting to the centre.

The ACC is the only official inter-governmental organisation that offers services, activities and authoritative information to both people and institutions in China and Asean member countries, Ma told Bernama in an interview.

To enhance the two-way flow of trade between Asean and China, the ACC planned to set up an Asean products export promotion centre in Yiwu in the province of Zhejiang by offering each Asean country one shop of 100-500 sq metres, depending on the number of products displayed, for free for the first three years, he said.

He said the ACC would also organise investment trips to Asean countries, including Malaysia, to further enhance investment cooperation between China and Asean.

The centre recently organised an investment trip comprising companies from China to Vietnam and Cambodia and received good response, Ma said.

He said Malaysian Minister of Tourism Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen showed interest in cooperating with the ACC to promote Malaysian tourism during the latest Asean Tourism Ministers meeting held in Indonesia.

Ma said the centre had put in much effort in promoting Malaysian tourism, including promoting travel hotspots and local conditions and customs via its official website and mini blog, and cooperated with travel agents to promote tourism in Malaysia.

He said the centre planned to publish travel guidelines for Chinese tourists travelling to Asean countries.

Ma, who has been helping to promote Asean-China ties for 21 years, said he was willing to strengthen win-win cooperation between Asean and China.

“China and Asean are important to each other. The development of Asean would be influenced if China is unstable. The development of China would also be influenced if Asean is in a mess.

“China and Asean are good neighbours, and I’m willing to work harder to promote ties between China and Asean,” he said.

The ACC was born out of a memorandum signed by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Asean leaders during the 12th Asean-China Summit in 2009 in Beijing.

It was officially inaugurated by Wen Jiabao and Asean leaders during the 14th Asean-China Summit in November last year marking the 20th anniversary of dialogue between Asean and China.


Yiwu customs optimization services earns the credit of export increase

The Yiwu city’s foreign trade volume rises and Yiwu Customs optimization services earns the credit

Customs data show that in the grim international economic situation, the total processing trade in our city and out of an increase in the last year nearly doubled on the basis of the first two months of this year to achieve $ 49,105,200, an increase of 61.15%.

Policy is to encourage enterprises to upgrade the “engine”

In the turmoil of the world economy, Yiwu foreign trade processing contrarian sky, with a variety of factors. The sources said the results of this heavy behind, and inseparable from the Yiwu Customs unremitting efforts.

It is understood that With Yiwu pilot a step forward, Yiwu Customs and constantly enrich the service measures, comprehensive, multi-channel support for the new special economic restructuring, promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade enterprises, the shift to high-end development. Last year, the city of processing trade out of a total of $ 296,633,000, an increase of 97.03%.

Customs officers in recent years to support Yiwu industrial structure adjustment, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and became Yiwu Customs to improve the quality of foreign trade and exports, change “a leg” for “two legs”, to enhance the comprehensive economic strength in Yiwu. Change the development mode to promote the processing trade in July 2011, the General Administration of Customs signed a memorandum of cooperation with Zhejiang Yiwu Customs continuous introduction of a series of initiatives to effectively help companies reduce the costs of customs clearance, to support enterprises to high-end chain extension to help businesses open up the international and domestic markets, while helping the leapfrog development of new industries.

Customs to help a large number of OEM companies completed a magnificent turn, to a certain scientific and technological content, high added value and brand value enterprises to change. Yi Feng, customs policy of helping to achieve a big leap in its own brand, have a lot of development in research and development, procurement and marketing high-end of the “smile curve” link, in 2011 exports and domestic sales have achieved a major breakthrough in the sales growth of 110%.

Quality service has become the development of the “accelerator”

Policies and measures to boost upgrading of processing trade in accordance with and power to really allow enterprises to accelerate the development, also need the relevant departments reflects the ease of implementation level to improve service quality. “To this end, Yiwu Customs to take” side to declare edge referrals, while operation “super-normal operating mode, the focus of high-quality processing trade enterprises to adopt” security clearance “and” distribution sets “and the establishment of specialized services window”, the implementation of the “24 hours in advance clearance” and convenient service measures. Efforts to create a good environment for the development of processing trade enterprises, and support the Yiwu processing trade enterprises to achieve the transformation and upgrading.

Yiwu Customs also introduced the key enterprises in personal service, initiative, “the village into the enterprise” service enterprises. In the survey, the Department identified the the Huading nylon production of a variety of nylon yarn can basically meet the production needs of downstream manufacturers to carry out deep processing of the processing trade to be carried forward as the Huading nylon a new business growth, improve the production of nylon yarn. Under this situation, the customs in a timely manner to the business communications and proposals, to enable enterprises to seize the opportunity to expand deep processing transferring business of processing trade, open up the domestic market, thus further expanding the scale of the industry to extend the value-added chain. According to statistics, in 2011, Yiwu customs area for the import of raw materials to carry out the processing trade enterprises to nylon yarn 5, a total of 12 record processing trade manual, so that the processing trade of this product to get good results.

In addition, Yiwu customs, depending on the industry, expanding business, such as multi-Yiwu seamless underwear company, engaged in processing trade is great potential for processing trade of deep processing has broad market prospects. For development, Yiwu Customs had invited the upstream and downstream enterprises in Yiwu, held seminars, and in-depth business-to-business and detailed guidance. Actively guide the upstream firm to use its advantage in imports, the scale of operations, and downstream enterprises with export advantages to expand duty-free import of raw materials and parts digestion to achieve the maximization of the distribution and effectiveness of coordination of benefits.

Today, Yiwu has formed a relatively complete industrial chain of upstream and downstream, which will become the new economic growth point in Yiwu. From the customs point of view, how to set up an effective supervision and efficient operation of a combination of modern customs processing trade regulatory system for companies to create a relaxed and good development environment, we have been persistent efforts to explore the direction of Yiwu Customs long Zhang said.