Unite the wisdom and strength to create a national exhibition platform – Yiwu News

yiwu – On the morning of March 31, the city’s Convention and Exhibition Conference four exhibition mobilization meeting held in the Municipal School lecture hall. Party Secretary Huang Zhiping the backdrop of the comprehensive reform of international trade, Yiwu exhibition industry is ushering in unprecedented opportunities for development, the city should further emancipate their minds, seize the opportunity to forge ahead, the wisdom and strength to build important national exhibition platform, and strive to constantly upgrading the city’s convention and exhibition industry development, and accelerating the construction of two six-city “.

  The meeting was chaired by the Mayor He Meihua. Xiu Xian, Song Yinghao, Ge GQ, and other city leaders on the rostrum.

  The meeting focused on the preparation and conduct the 2012 China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair, 2012 China International Tourism Commodities Fair, the 18th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair and the 5th China Yiwu International Forest Products Expo four show the full mobilization.

  National ministries to spare no effort to boost Yiwu exhibition industry

  According to the the Yiwu pilot “to create a national convention platform objectives and requirements, the city’s convention, business, culture, forestry, tourism and other departments have been actively communicate with the relevant state ministries and commissions, to secure the support of the substantive policy.

  The Commerce Department issued notice to the national business system for the first time, to mobilize around the outstanding enterprises and trade organizations to participate in the Fair. Ministry of Culture Fair for as a key support for the exhibition of the “12th Five-Year” period. The State Forestry Administration will convene a national preparatory meeting, and national activities on the held in Yiwu.The National Tourism Administration to strengthen its efforts to support the development of the Travel Goods Fair. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CCPIT and other national ministries also said that Yiwu four exhibition of its foreign large-scale activities to further expand the visibility and influence of Yiwu four exhibition.

  Zhi-Ping Huang said that after 17 years to nurture and develop the exhibition industry in our city out of an “exhibition for trade, trade promotion exhibition, trade fair interaction” unique path of development.Higher level of strong support, we have to do is: a free hand, bold reforms to create a national exhibition platform as an important measure to promote economic restructuring and upgrading to enhance the function of Yiwu City, and establish the image of the city, around the pilot reform and two districts and six City building, efforts to promote the development of exhibition industry in our city.

  Go all out to enhance the level of development of exhibition industry

  ”During the year, actively organizing four national exhibition, the tight schedule of the preparatory work, a heavy task, especially in the first half Fair organized by the travel expo, has entered the countdown stage.” Zhi-Ping Huang pointed out that to do this year’s convention and exhibition work, the responsible units should take the initiative in communication links, and promote the exhibition reforms to promote comprehensive reform of international trade; innovative exhibition mode to realize the exhibition to maximize the brand effect; project introduction, efforts to increase the scale and quality of the exhibition industry, the upgrade of Yiwu exhibition industry influence; to speed up the main cultivation, comprehensively enhance the overall competitiveness of convention and exhibition industry; to strengthen the industry regulator, to maintain steady Exhibition order to promote the healthy development of exhibition industry; enhance cooperation and coordination, the formation of the exhibition work together to ensure that the convention and exhibition activities to do to achieve practical results, do level and unique.

  On how to implement the good spirit of the meeting, Meihua pointed out that all relevant departments and units should focus on the goals, refinement of clear mandates, responsibilities, and the layers start to create an atmosphere, pay close attention to the implementation of the work to ensure that the four exhibition a great success. In particular, the focus on the breeze investment work; carefully planning the organization’s activities; actually enhance the level of exhibition services; carry out a comprehensive environmental atmosphere to create work; attaches great importance to security and other security work, and strive to create the city’s Convention and Exhibition New Situation.


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