Yiwu opened the first network of consumer complaints platform


  A few days ago the Hong Kong Daily News (Reporter floor look forward to the correspondent Wang Xujian), Chongqing people Chow login Yiwu Jiangdong e-commerce Association consumer rights complaints from the service station, said he ordered a number of commodities in Yiwu an e-commerce company in the online result, goods sent , the price is high. The business sector to intervene immediately to help Chow to recover the fair. Mr. Zhou said excitedly: “I thought to be rushed to Yiwu to deal with this dispute, I did not expect long as the mouse is gently point, to safeguard their own interests. The Yiwu network consumer complaints platform, really!”

  In recent years, with the rapid increase of the rapid development of Yiwu E-commerce and online shopping, consumer groups, network consumer disputes arising from the frequent occurrence. Last year, the Consumer Protection Committee and the business sector in Yiwu City, according to the needs of the situation, positive and Yiwu Jiangdong Electronic Commerce Association to set up a the Yiwu e-commerce industry’s first consumer rights service station — Koto e-commerce Association of Consumer Rights service station.Consumer rights service station is set up, due to the uncertainty and complaint channels of the network consumer regions, information is not smooth, many online consumers are still to make a complaint through 12315 or other channels, consulting neither convenient consumer complaints, consulting, is not conducive to the service station to work.

  In late February of this year, Deputy Secretary of Yiwu Song ring to lead the staff of the Consumer Protection Committee of Yiwu Jiangdong industrial and commercial reach Koto Electronic Commerce Association, consumer rights service station visits to research proposed in Koto e-commerce Association of Consumer Rights on the basis of the service station, the establishment of the online consumer complaint platform to facilitate the network of consumer complaints, consultation, improve work efficiency.

  In mid-March, through the joint efforts of all parties, Yiwu consumer rights service stations online complaints, consultation platforms came into being. This means that when consumers encounter online consumer disputes in the future, there will be a more efficient defenders channels. Today, consumers simply log Yiwu Jiangdong e-commerce Association website (http://www.yweca.org/) network consumer rights service station platform, you can write inquiries and complaints e-mail. Staff will carry out mediation and reply as soon as possible, to play a good platform for a timely, accurate, convenient and efficient solution, to resolve consumer issues and consumer disputes an active role in the various types of networks. According to statistics, the platform opened half a month, the admissibility of various types of telephone and come complaints, consulting more than 40 onwards to help residents and merchants to recover economic losses of more than 10 million.

  It is understood that in the handling of disputes which, there are a number of unresolved cases. For example, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, Mr. Guo complaints, said he purchased the site by two yuan, Yiwu, a local mixed batch number of commodities, goods received does not meet our requirements. Receipt of complaints, although the industrial and commercial multi-Find contact information of complaints due to Mr. Guo is not clear enough, you can not find the Respondent failed to resolve.

  In this regard, the Consumer Protection Committee of Yiwu City reminds consumers during online inquiries and complaints must be completed, the real personal information, so that staff can get in touch with the complainant in a timely manner.

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