Custom Embroidery Digitizing Deaf students to Yiwu bazaar cr

by the team of the Yiwu Seasons wind volunteers love the invitation, teacher with a team of deaf students come to Yiwu to participate in the love charity events held in Yiwu, the solution of one hundred door.

because the language barrier, deaf students in contact with the society less visit to Yiwu to participate in charity activities is their first journey. Chancellor Wang Yue to give up a holiday for rest and personally as a coach. To see their students by the beginning of the formality of the bazaar scene, to later be past the crowd to buy the enthusiastic encouragement and help to pick up their own creative cross stitch, paper-cut to sell to the people than painted. President Wang said happily: community to promote the understanding of deaf students. team members to donate. This team more than 40 volunteers,convert image, more than half do business or doing business owner, put aside his own business within its power to help others, in their view is not only a happy thing to action for the next generation of quality educational opportunities. Many volunteers to participate in activities with children, these are only in elementary school and even kindergarten children,Custom Embroidery Digitizing, put into play an obligation salesman, positive even lunch are too busy to eat. Some children a person has sold three or four hundred articles, a 4-year-old child Le Diandian put on the volunteer’s clothing crying sold a balloon to a dollar,tajima DST, a skipping 10 dollars. Yiwu affluent focus on training the next generation of love, pay attention to exercise the child’s abilities, this activity can be seen in practice.

Yiwu Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau staff under the supervision of the proceeds from the sale of 4974 yuan of donations will be used for contributions to poor students.

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