Secure business to tide over the crisis – Yiwu News

Came to the International Trade City District, toys, professional Street that sells balloon shop, shop in different styles, colorful balloons to attract the attention of many businessmen. Business operators while Zhang Julan hello to the shop to see the kind of buyers for a while on the phone with the merchants, manufacturers communication and delivery issues, too busy. Although prudent business store orders are not as good as the previous two years, but reduce the risk of debt instead Zhang Julan feel at ease.

  Zhang Julan business balloon business for 10 years, experienced good momentum in the early years of the start of the Yiwu Foreign Trade, also tried later to some of the bitterness of the financial crisis.Foreign sales is facing multiple pressures, Zhang Julan can not help but lament the foreign trade business has been increasingly well done.

  Yiwu production balloons of few manufacturers are fewer and fewer agents on the market but more and more, so the competition is fierce. “Said Zhang Julan current balloon latex, aluminum, Film, and other materials, origin are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Hebei. Yiwu, there have been several aluminum ball of hydrogen processing plant a few years ago, but the quantity and quality can not be compared with the manufacturers in Guangdong, Hebei, these plants have been shuttered. “There is no production base, can only do agents, natural products lack the price advantage,” said Zhang Julan, many large customers to bypass the agents directly to the factory procurement.

  Order to reduce the foreign trade situation, Zhang Julan told reporters that there is an important reason is that the orders are more cautious. “In the past, the foreign trade business is good, especially the Middle East businessmen very large purchases, but risks also will increase.” Said Zhang Julan order value of $ 500,000 two years ago very much, but ignore the hidden debt risk, and myself have suffered huge economic losses. After a painful lesson, Zhang Julan business will stay in mind, choose only with a good reputation, high quality requirements of customers to cooperate, although purchases of these customers as a low-end customers, but do not have to worry about the risk of the debt. “Orders this year most of the value of less than 100,000 yuan, and now the foreign political and economic situation is complicated, but more cautious.” Zhang Julan still hope that through prudent business to ride out the storm.

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