Yiwu – Hong Kong direct flight route from July 1 to resume service

yesterday, the reporter from Yiwu Municipal Government Port Office was informed that the approval by the State Port Office, the sixth consecutive year temporary opening of this year, Yiwu air port. Yiwu to Hong Kong round-trip direct flights on-time from July 1 to November 15.   One week to fly four days   Fare more benefits   According to the Southern Shantou Airlines to fly the person in charge, and a week last year, every single fat ban this year, Yiwu – Hong Kong flights every Tuesday, four, six, day to fly a week to and from the four classes.   Flights specific arrangements as follows: Yiwu to Hong Kong flight number CZ617, except Thursday departure time is 8:20 am, and the remaining three trips take-off times are 8:00 am, the flight about 2 hours to arrive in Hong Kong.   Hong Kong to Yiwu flight number CZ618, return Yiwu flight departure time except Tuesday at 10:50 am, the remaining trips are 11:10 to take off, arrive around 13:00 Yiwu.   Need to be reminded that international flight clearance test was used to compare carefully the procedure is relatively cumbersome, even from the door of the airport to check in advance at least one and a half hours to get to the airport.   In addition to the convenience advantages of Yiwu – Hong Kong flight fares are very competitive. See from the price announced by the recent Southern Shantou, Yiwu Branch team value in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Shanghai and other surrounding airport offers many added, “a fire, which will summer to visit Hong Kong market to heat up.   Yiwu will become the province   The fourth Airport ports   April 27 this year, the General Administration of Customs formally below Yiwu air port included in the national port development plan (2011-2015). Yiwu air port to become one of the 10 new open air ports of the country during the second five, the province’s five-second period only a new port, will become the province Hangzhou, Ningbo, warm airport after the fourth Airport Port .   Yiwu air port included in the national planning, and this is a major breakthrough in Yiwu pilot. Yiwu air port for five consecutive years of successful implementation of the temporary opening, during which opened Yiwu to Hong Kong Ferry route, a total of 638 sorties taking off and landing aircraft, personnel of 54 487 people, with an average load factor of 66.7%.The proportion of business travelers on the route up to 49.3% last year, overseas visitors for more than half can be described as a truly international flights.   Convenient “Airbus”, both for the convenience of Zhejiang, central and western regions businessmen to Hong Kong exhibitors turn for the better, further promoting trade and economic exchanges, but also conducive to the residents of both each other’s sightseeing and shopping to boost the development of tourism and improve the province’s “big clearance system, and further promote the province’s small and medium enterprises to the world, promote the transformation of the mode of economic development.

Yiwu China-paradise for world buyers

Yiwu known as the largest market in the world for primary commodities is located in South of China. Yiwu International Trade City is considered as ” Ocean of Commodities, and paradise of shoppers” With a total area of 4 million square meters the market is home to more than 62,000 booths, showing over 2,000,000 commodities everyday. As high as 16% of the commodities are exported to foreign coutries. And it has ranked the first market among all special markets around the country for 19 successive years.Its a good place for oversea business who have just started to buy from China. The population of this small city is more than 2 million with 10,000 permanent residence from abroad.Its about 4 hours drive from Shanghan Pudong Airport and 2 hours flight from HongKong.


Yiwu advantage industry – garment

The garment industry is one of the pillar industry of Yiwu is the first fame, the Dachen shirt Yiwu garment industry for a long time plays an important role in the domestic shirt market. In recent years, with the changing market demand and industrial structure adjustment, Yiwu garment industry is rapidly changing the strategy, continue to walk in the forefront of the trend in the clothing market. Today, specialized the Dachen clothing emerging, serialization, and export-oriented three main features, once again risen up the “backbone” of the traditional strengths of the industry.

Yiwu garment industry many companies to complete the strategic adjustment, the original single shirt has been the series of suits, jackets, T-shirts and other products supplement. OEM mode at the same time, the emphasis on short-term interests of the gradual weakening of the brand and brand licensing business management in vogue. Light “the hometown of Chinese shirt Dachen, it has the” Daly “,” proud man “,” quite too handsome “and other parts of Zhejiang famous brand to Dali clothing has also become a” national exemption product . ”

Zhejiang quite handsome costumes responsible person said, Yiwu garment industry after many years has established a perfect marketing network, and continue to maintain the momentum of steady growth for the industry has laid a solid foundation. Can Dali Group has a total distribution in the country, region more than 600 agents, quite too handsome clothing provinces and cities with Shanghai as the marketing network-centric products all over the shopping malls, supermarkets, Austria will dress in the country built the provinces and cities of the dealer — regional distributors — the ladder of terminal vendors selling system … highly structured, a wide range of sales tentacles, creating the advantages of Yiwu garment industry in the ability of market information collection and product contingency.

Yiwu garment industry similar to the enterprise of the Golden Bird Group’s business model is no less than 20, by taking the brand licensing business and create their own brand of the road of combining solid business foundation for the development at the same time, achieving a successful product and enterprise-level transformation. Austrian chairman of apparel company inscriptions Kwong said with deep feeling, “Yiwu garment enterprises more than the previous value immediate, while ignoring the long-term development. Business decision-makers attach great importance to the scientific nature of the business planning and strategy development, the formation of sustainable development for the enterprise force to create the conditions. “Zhejiang Beckman clothing company is in the scientific planning, has become one of the largest foreign trade export enterprises in Yiwu.

To get rid of the industrial development of low-level pattern, take the road of specialization, serialization, export-oriented garment industry re-emergence of the main driving force. Dachen, many enterprises has always attached great importance to the introduction of professionals and advanced management experience, at the same time strengthen the product development and series production capacity, improve the technological content of products and brand influence, on the one hand, continue to consolidate the domestic market share, on the other hand effectively expand international market share, industry development, enterprise development space.

Professionals, accompanied by a large number of companies re-accumulation of energy, have a single product variety, developed fatigue and a slump in Yiwu garment industry will steadily into a higher level of the rising channel, a whole new garment industry base is being formed.

Yiwu: advantage industry — toys

The toy industry is an important pillar industry of Yiwu economic development, is one of the industry reflects the Yiwu market characteristics. Yiwu toy industry started in the late 1980s, is one of the first generation of the business of the commodity market goods, and also the rapid development of an emerging industry.

After 20 years of hard work to develop, the whole industry total production, processing and trade enterprises around 3000, a main business venues in the Futian Market, October 2004, in Hing opened up a plush toy specialized street. Where production and processing enterprises have more than 400 toy manufacturers in the International Trade City has bit over 1900, 300 Hing in professional street stores, employing 25,000 people. Locally produced toys, plastic toys, plush toys, inflatable toys, toys, the annual output of 20 billion yuan. Industry can be broadly divided into the cartoon deformation, electric remote control, assembling puzzle, plush, sewing, video games, inflatable toys, plastic vinyl, wood, alloy and other several categories.

Now the number of scale on the grade, more than 20 brands, have the right to export well-known enterprises, such as Shuanghuan Toy Co., Ltd. of Yiwu City, Yiwu City the mastermind Plastic Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, cool guys and Toy Co., Ltd., Yiwu City Little Angel Toys Co., Ltd., the Jingxin Toys Co., Ltd. of Yiwu City, Yiwu the Shengping Toy Co., Ltd., Yiwu benefits Witt toys, the prodigy Toys Co., Ltd. of Yiwu City, Yiwu Changjiang Industrial Co., Ltd., Yiwu City, more than love toy factory They are all in recent years developed the industry leading enterprises. The mastermind plastic produced “A + B” magnetic draw to write the board; cool guys Co., Ltd production of “Water Polo”; bicyclic Toy Co., Ltd. “double edge” brand inflatable toys; little angel “cloud Jiang” brand toys ; the Jingxin Toy Co., Ltd. “Snow White” doll brand has taken the country to the world. Their products are favored by domestic and foreign, is the larger enterprises in the domestic industry, sales network covers major domestic medium-sized cities and exported to Europe, America, Britain, Japan, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Yiwu toys in the toy industry in domestic and international market share, the position is getting higher and higher, the growing influence of the production of the city’s plush, inflatable, vinyl, plastic toy sales rank the leading status, the annual trade volume of 50 billion yuan. Yiwu toys has become the focus of foreign buy toy products export volume accounted for by the city exports 60% of the total container volume, which fully demonstrates the potential of the Yiwu toy exports.

Which, Yiwu production of plush toys have been exported to Malaysia, Brazil, the United States, the Middle East, Japan and other countries, a place in the International Toy Yiwu toy market with annual sales of more than 2 billion yuan. Domestic and international well-known toy brands, such as Guangdong’s “Ultraman” international brand “Barbie” doll, Guangzhou, Audi AG, the production of “Double Diamond”, the Fujian MEISIDA “toys, Jiangsu famous brand” good boy “stroller. and Ningbo Dai Mountain Christmas gifts, Zhejiang clouds and wooden toys, electric toys in Chenghai, plush toys in Yangzhou, Jiangsu and so set up in Yiwu, the total distribution or distributor. The nation’s largest toy production base in Guangdong, Guangzhou, Chenghai thousands of toy manufacturers, more than 90% of the varieties are sold nationwide and in over 100 countries and territories through the Yiwu market. Yiwu’s position as the country’s toy distribution center has been established, and has become a sourcing base of the toy buyers at home and abroad.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the Yiwu market visibility, Yiwu toys with its advantages of cheap access to international markets, the rapid growth of export volume and export volume reached $ 270 million, 60% of container exports in Yiwu are equipped with toys There is a saying “Yiwu toys, there is one third of the world” fully reflects the share of exports of Yiwu toys.

The toy industry in response to the trade and industry linkage strategy proposed by the municipal city government, bigger and stronger Yiwu toy companies, and actively guide the toy trade large change jobs to trade. Municipal government for the toy industry’s rapid development has opened up a toy production base, meaning the West Industrial Park in the second half of 2003, arranged the 33 enterprises to enter the toy professional park, efforts to create the International Trade City toy production base. Will soon become the largest toy production base in Guangdong Chenghai, Yangzhou, and constantly develop new products, and the progressive realization of the industry to upgrade, the product concentration. Participate in domestic and international market competition, the strength of the strongest real Yiwu toys to the world.

Yiwu Toy Industry Association, was founded in May 2002, set up the initial membership of 67, since the number of members has reached more than 600 member companies by region, Taiwan, Guangdong, Chenghai, Yangzhou, Ningbo and other well-known toy production base. Guangdong Chenghai nearly 200, Yangzhou enterprise 60. Association Web site was completed and opened on May 5, 2003, the association’s website: Introduction of the association, Mr president, governing campaign members an overview of the association dynamic, especially recommended to apply for membership, contact information and other columns.

The opening of the association’s website, the purpose is to provide better business conditions for our members to expand outreach to promote members’ products and services through the network, so that the members really benefit. The opening of the site, marking the Yiwu Toy Industry Association on a higher level of member service.

In addition to publicity on the network, but also through participation in international trade exhibition Yiwu toys to the world the real, which has more than 10 enterprises to participate in the Hong Kong Toy Fair Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany, the United States New York Toy Fair.

Yiwu Toy Industry Association in order to encourage enterprises to further develop the market, to expand sales, carry out technical exchanges, exchange of information, March 16 -18, 2004, 2005, held for two toys, children’s products and Gift Fair. 2004, 396 booths, a turnover of 67.5 million yuan, attracted more than 6700 buyers. 2005, more than 280 booths, participating merchants up to 25,700 people, turnover of more than 100 million yuan. The two exhibitions attracted more than 80 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia and other buyers. In general, these two show is more successful, and made remarkable achievements. The majority of exhibitors to do this show after, domestic and local businesses to attract active participation, based in Yiwu, the world, build their own brands, improve product quality, relying on the exhibition platform, bigger toy exhibition.

Why are Products in Yiwu Market SO…..Cheap?

A tea mug a US resident finds in IKEA or other stores for at least a dollar is on sale in Yiwu for 5 cents. A sledge hammer is going for $1.40, an ax for chopping wood for $1.20…

Almost every product is on sale for about one-half, one-third, or one-tenth of the lowest price available in the cheapest discount stores of Europe and America.

What’s more, the quality of these items seemed in no way inferior to the products on sale in store around the world. In many cases, in fact, they are the same goods.

Why Yiwu market can keep such low prices?

#1 A Huge, Cheap Supplier Base

Yiwu with its neighborhoods forms the largest private/family owned factory base in China. After 20 years of running their machines day and night, they already fished off many factories in Europe and America.

Now they are the most efficient manufactures in the world for socks, buttons, zippers, straws, plush toys, jewelry accessories, hardware and tools… What’s more, they’re not only the largest, but also the cheapest.

Let’s see have a look at Mr. Jinwu’s factory:

Mr. Jinwu’s house, a 4 store building of around 800 m2 with a yard, was built 7 years ago. Now the first floor is his warehouse and workshops, the second floor part as his office and part as workshops, the third floor is where his family live, and the fourth floor is dorms for his workers.

They produce sun caps according to orders. When there are no orders, these workers doing other part-time jobs.

Mr. Jinwu pays electricity and water at residential rate, instead of industrial rate. That’s to say, he pays 50%-40% less on electricity and water every month than other factories located in industry zones. Plus zero house rental, zero insurance and medical care cost for his workers…

You can imagine how competitive his price is! There are tens of thousands of factories like this in and around Yiwu. How could anyone else beat them on prices?

# 2 Scale Effect

As so many factories get together, including many big ones, the scale effect shows its power.

Logistics cost, marketing cost reduced. Parts, accessories, materials, even production lines prices all reduced significantly.

The more factories arise, the lower prices there will be.

# 3 Big Battleground

As Yiwu market became the world largest wholesale market for daily using items, more and more factories, not only factories from nearby areas, but also factories from all over China, are putting their products on this market, to fight for a bigger share.

These ruthless competitions ended up with a 2-3% profit margin for many products.

# 4 Strong Government Support

While all China looked free market as an evil character of capitalism, Yiwu already opened its free market in 1982, which is one of the earliest free markets in whole China.

In the last 30 years, Yiwu government put almost all their money and energy to build markets. Then rent shops to venders at very low rentals. Private companies are not allowed to get into market building business. All markets in Yiwu are built by government and run by a government appointed company.

In this way, Yiwu attracts more and more vendors from all over China by its low shop rentals. As a result, factories from cities like Wenzhou, Ningbo, Shantou, even Guangzhou, where tons and tons of products were produced each day for exporting, came to Yiwu market in flocks to sell their products.

Yiwu market offers most-favored-vendor treatment to factory outlet centers. In recent years, they put more efforts bringing in more national top brands and global brands, all in the most favored treatment, to improve products quality level.

With these strong backup from government, Yiwu market kept prices at an extremely low level for three decades in the past. And there shows no signals that this situation will change soon.

# 5 “One-Cent-Profit” Making Money

Businessmen of Yiwu and its nearby areas are famous for hard-working and agility. They’re keen on every “one-cent-profit” businesses opportunity .

For example, the profit of one sewing needle is just about 1/10 cent RMB, the profit of one straw is just 1 cent RBM. But if you can sell containers of them in one month, you can still earn a descent profit.

As long as there is a profit, no matter big or small. These so called “ants businessmen” would desperately go for it. This is probably one of the most important reasons why Yiwu market has such cheap prices.

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