Yiwu Economic Development Zone was upgraded to national

Recently, the State Council approved the consent of the Zhejiang Yiwu Economic Development Zone was upgraded to national economic and technological development zones. Vigorously push forward the comprehensive reform of the international trade the effectiveness of the Yiwu municipal government since last year.

Yiwu Economic Development Zone was established in August 1992, 1994, 8 period approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Government, the provincial economic development zones, adopted in 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission, the audit shall be maintained. In October 2009, approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Government, the 12 development zones across the province to integrate and improve one of the pilot units, integrated planning area of ??93 square kilometers.

After nearly 20 years of development, Yiwu Economic Development Zone, out of a manufacturing to the Commodity market and industry linkage, the secondary industry and tertiary industry, integration, industrialization and urbanization, promoted by the characteristics of the development of the road, and fostered the arts and crafts, jewelry,knitting socks, zippers, and cultural goods industry clusters, build a successful technological innovation service platform of the national post-doctoral workstations, the virtual Institute, the technology industry gathering Park and Zhejiang University – Yiwu Incubation Center, electronic appliances, machinery manufacturing and other emergingindustry booming. Existing high-tech enterprises, science and technology enterprises, enterprise information model, 47, 35 city-level R & D center, seven patent model enterprises at all levels; Chinese well-known trademarks, 16 China Top Brand, National Inspection-free Product 6, Yiwu has become even the Zhejiang region’s most important industrial base and an important window of export-oriented economy.


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