Yiwu novelty Products Showcase – Yiwu News

 Hand-held juicer

  Small tools, for “violence” juice of half a lemon stuffed imports yard, open the lid below, you can fully utilize. This summer, lemonade mud, mud orange juice, then Niechu any fruit juice you want.


  Mini Fan

  The weather is getting warmer, last year, the popular little black fan even disappeared, having replaced by brightly colored mini-fan. They are compact, plug in the USB interface on the table will be able to sent bursts of cool. Is also very convenient to go out Oh, as long as it fitted with several batteries on the line.

  OK lens

  Out the door in the morning look in the mirror to find the point of feeling OK lens of the most inspirational to you imply “I’m ready”. OK, it is starting. In addition to its shape people admire, even it is not afraid of bending are not afraid to beat the wood is so admirable side of OK lens morale definitely worth having!

  Sealing device

  The strip seal is the most common form. Previously, the family of closures has been no replacement plan, until a set of small things. They can be selected according to the shape of the packaging seal, round or rectangular in all beat it.

New products and designs usher in market- Yiwu News

According to the China Yiwu Small Commodity Index 270 weeks Price Index, Yiwu index inventory of office yesterday, the current weekly price index of 104.08 points, fell.

  Summer approaching, the hair care category, bags, hair accessories and other industries venue popular, new accelerated OTC; affected by seasonal factors, the foreign trade of accessories category dull, steady increase in domestic demand, hardware tools, garden tools, foreign trade has been warmer ; novel, a large number of individual elements into traditional products, procurement of measurement tools, underwear, hygiene articles and other industries increased sales of heavy volume.

  And the last of the weekly price index for the current week price index showed a slight downward trend, dropping 104.08 points from 104.84 points in the previous period. Price index of export transactions, the trading floor order price index, the venue direct transaction price index to adjust down, online transaction price index unchanged from last week.

  Price index of the 15 categories, up 12 down. Three categories which, needle textiles, hardware and electrical materials, luggage ring up the biggest gain of 1.33 points; 12 categories of clothing apparel, crafts, clocks, glasses of different degrees fell the largest decrease of 1.46 points. 97 in two categories, the proportion rose to 24%, fell 38% and a flat 38%.

Yiwu: Climate index Rises up as trade volume and price increase in market – Yiwu News

According to “China · Yiwu Small Commodity Index” (the “Yiwu index”) information system monitoring, climate index in March climb back to positive, to 983.62 points, ring than rose 8.46 points, year-on-year fell 100.84 points; month price index 103.93 points, ring than the micro- amplitude rose 0.4 points, up slightly rose 2.76 points. This month, merchants began to return, including the number of foreign growth, transaction volume index, trading volume index and efficiency index also rose.

  Sentiment index composition and Change

  (A) climate index composition

  This month prosperity index 983.62 points, ring up 8.46 points, or 0.87 percent. The sentiment index composition is as follows:

  A scale index: 794.34 points, ring up 4.73 points, fell by 36.66 points. New Year after the market opened, the venue of the product structure in an adjustment phase, products, seasonal frequently, an endless stream of new varieties expansion index rose 13.09 points to 1011.61 points; month increase in foreign reflux ring of the popularity index rose slightly by 2.1 points; with the quarter, selling, trading volume index, trading volume index of the chain were up 3.73 points, 4.23 points.

  The efficiency index: 1176.11 points, ring rose 10.89 points, fell by 172.59 points. Among them, the commodity turnover rate index ring rose 17.74 points, cash flow rate index rose 28.28 points; average household gross profit index rose 27.14 points.

  3 Confidence Index: 1043.51 points, ring rose 11.01 points, fell by 114.59 points. By seasonal factors, the increase in the rigid demand of the market, coupled with the merchants reflux, operating household confidence has improved.

  This month, 15 industry climate index trend, toys, hardware and electrical materials, care and beauty products from the class, cultural and office goods, daily necessities, accessories, and packaging, sports and entertainment goods, luggage, clothing and apparel 9 categories rose, toys, hardware and electrical materials, care and beauty products category in the forefront of the gains chart, the chain rose 80.42 points, 79.33 points, 76.41 points. Of these, cultural and office goods, luggage sentiment index continued rising trend in the previous month; care and beauty supplies, daily necessities, toys, sports and entertainment goods, accessories, and packaging, clothing apparel, hardware and electrical materials such as 7 big business climate index rebound.

  The six categories of electrical and electronic, handicrafts, watches glasses class, needle textiles, footwear, jewelry and other fell in the top three Losers electrical and electronic, arts and crafts, clocks, glasses class, the chain fell 124.11 points, 60.3 points, 24.22 points. Which, jewelry, clocks, glasses, electrical and electronic climate index rose and then dropped; footwear, needle textiles, arts and crafts class sentiment index continuation of last month decline.

  (B) The price index composition

  The monthly price index was 103.93 points, the chain rose 0.4 points, an increase of 2.76 points.Among them, export trading price index fell slightly, trading floor order price index, the venue direct trading price index rose 0.02 points, 0.28 points, online transaction price index was flat.

  15 industry monthly price index movements, accessories, and packaging, needle textiles, handicrafts, cultural and office supplies, hardware and Electrical Materials, toys, apparel and other categories rose, accessories, and packaging needle textiles, arts and crafts classes at the forefront of the gains list chain were up 2.23 points, 1.91 points, 1.89 points. Among them, accessories, and packaging this month’s price index continued to uplink; needle textiles, handicrafts, cultural and office supplies, hardware, and electrical materials, toys, apparel and other six categories monthly price index stabilized rebound.

  Electrical and electronic, bags, care and beauty products, clocks, glasses, sports and entertainment goods, footwear, daily necessities, jewelry and other 8 categories of monthly price index fell, electronic appliances, luggage category, nursing and beauty products category in the drop list the top three, the chain fell 3.84 points, 2.13 points, 1.48 points. Which, jewelry, daily necessities, footwear, care and beauty articles this month’s price index continued to fall; sports and entertainment goods, clocks, glasses class, luggage, electrical and electronic four major categories of monthly price index rose and then dropped.

  Second, the sentiment index of factor analysis

  (A) of the season, new market see pretty

  The arrival of spring, the seasonal frequency products, at the same time, the venue of new emerging venue merchants stocking positive. Care and beauty supplies, cultural and office goods, daily necessities, bags, clothing apparel climate index, species expansion index also rose, March sentiment index rose 76.41 points, 73.97 points, 40.2, 16.58, 15.16 point, the the varieties expansion index rose 68.59 points, 2.38 points, 4.1 points, 1.05 points, 5.12 points.

  (B) Rest of the Spring Festival, the inhibitory just need to rebound

  Domestic aspects, this month of the season the venue contract situation, accessories, and packaging, needle textiles, handicrafts, hardware and electrical materials, clothing apparel March the venue direct trading price index rose 2.22 points, 2.07 points, 2.51 points, 0.82 points, 1.09 points; export side, Festival venue foreign return, the traditional export industries market recovery. Clothing apparel, jewelry, daily necessities in March export transactions price index rose 0.92 points, 5.42 points, 0.43 points.

  (C) tourism products popular

  ”38″ Women’s Day this month, the arrival of the venue to usher in a peak holiday seasons, in addition to the Ching Ming holidays approaching, buyers stocking positive floor tourism product demand, the clothing category, gross (Brazzaville), cashmere toys, jewelry The class suit, leisure and entertainment goods, control toys March sentiment index rose 149.54 points, 143.8 points, 128.48 points, 62.71 points, 58.52 points.

  Third, market trend analysis

  (A) cultural and office supplies, toys, accessories, and packaging, apparel, hardware and electrical materials industry outlook is running sound.

  Continued strong cultural and office supplies, toys, accessories, and packaging, apparel, hardware and electrical materials demand climate index, the monthly price index both rose, the market outlook is expected to continue well.

  (B) of the jewelry class, craft class, class of footwear, care and beauty products, luggage products

  Affected by seasonal factors, the class of jewelry, handicrafts, footwear, care and beauty articles, luggage products, seasonal end, an endless stream of new single frequent foreign-admission inquiry, projected outlook transaction situation is more optimistic.

  (C) daily use, sports and entertainment articles, needle textiles, clocks, glasses class electrical and electronic products upward pressure on prices

  With the increase of the the postganglionic labor costs rise and oil prices in March, in some industries there is a certain pressure on prices, daily necessities, sports and entertainment articles, needle textiles, clocks, glasses class electrical and electronic products prices will go into adjustment.

Yiwu’s first time to the Boao Forum Very Rewarding – Yiwu News

April 1 to 3, the Boao Forum for Asia 2012 Annual Conference was held in Boao, Hainan Dongyu Island. Mayor He Meihua rate municipal government office, the outside Qiaoban Exhibition Office the first delegation to participate, and fruitful.

  Boao Forum for Asia is a non-government, non-profit international organization, a high-level dialogue on important issues in Asia and the global platform. Forum was established 11 years ago, the important contributions made to unite the Asian consensus, spread the Asian voice, promoting Asian cooperation Asian win-win, won worldwide attention. Complex and volatile global economic situation, this year’s Forum Annual Meeting to determine the “change the world in Asia: Towards the theme of health and sustainable development”, held a total of 37 official events, very large amount of information. Meihua attended the opening as an important representative of the General Assembly. Delegation Yiwu development status and the actual work in a targeted manner choose to join the ASEAN Free Trade Area and regional economic integration, restructuring and misunderstanding, e-commerce to change the business innovation strength, the opening of private financial and banking sector related thematic meetings.

  Forum during the event, members of the delegation Yiwu extensive contacts with government officials and renowned experts and scholars from home and abroad, and a comprehensive understanding of the latest information issued in the international financial crisis, Asia’s economic health and sustainable development; seize the opportunity to participate in thematic the national business elite to discuss economic and trade topic, appropriately publicize and promote the situation of the Yiwu pilot, the market as well as the development of exhibition industry, invites elite visited Yiwu, seek opportunities for cooperation; the same time, the General Assembly, organization, publicity, security, and learn from .

  Participants during Meihua accept CCTV News reporter’s interview with former Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council Zeng Peiyan, former Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Singapore honorary Minister Goh Chok Tong, Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Huang Zhonghai, Thai Deputy Prime Minister Ji Tila · that Ranong, the Boao Forum for Asia, the Secretary-General Zhou Wenzhong exchanged. They said, at the right time to visit Yiwu. Delegation with the Forum Secretariat staff on the Boao Forum for Asia held in Yiwu Branch matters, negotiations, and reached a preliminary intention of cooperation.

Yiwu Merchant loss: Singaporean container ship Fujian Sea ran aground follow-up story

n the afternoon of March 31, the public Wang from Fuzhou with disappointment the car back to Yiwu.

  Singaporean container ship ran aground Wang engaged in the hat business in the International Trade City, he has a value of nearly 28 million cap in Fujian waters “BARELI wheel.

  March 29, when they saw the newspaper on the Singaporean container ship Fujian Sea ran aground after the report, Mr. Wang through foreign trade companies, inquiries and learned that their goods where the container has been ashore. In the afternoon, with only Mr. Wang with a container of another business households, as well as a staff member of the foreign trade companies rushed to Fuzhou, Fuqing Jiangyin Port.

  The beginning of their goods ashore, and my heart quite happy to rush in the past is to look at how goods, if there is wet out sun drying and reduce losses. “Mr. Wang said, to Jiangyin Port container no traces of flooding, and my heart is burst pleased, think that goods should be no loss, but an open door of the container, dumbfounded, it was empty.

  According to the understanding of the situation of Wang Fuzhou maritime police detachment, after the accident, some local fishermen took some goods on board, there are some boatman law enforcement agencies. As of March 30, have been salvaged over 600 containers, more than half empty.

  ”I suggest that the owner of Yiwu, if found in the container has come ashore, the best local take a look.” Mr. Wang, to fly in the local working group dealing with incidents, there will be staff to accompany the inspection of goods, “a the staff of the surname Kim told me that their company will be through normal channels to cargo handling compensation issues. “

  Mr. Wang said the staff is the CMA CGM (China) Co., Ltd. a branch of a department manager, the Corporation transferred to the local join processing “BARELI wheel ran aground aground accident.

  At noon on April 1, the reporter and the Fund Manager has made contact. Fund Manager said that personal views can not represent the corporate position, the company has also been provided, no authorization, the individual can not be interviewed by the media, the specific matters or up to fly local branch in dealing with.

  In the past several interviews in the city shippers hope that we can form an alliance, it is easy to deal with post-compensation matters. It is hoped that the relevant government departments to come forward to help the better.