Yiwu Fake Virgin Extortion: businessman blackmailed over 20K USD


  Received a recommendation of the “virgin” phone, the the Yiwu boss Amin (pseudonym) move the heart. He was a star hotel, opened the room, the result is 149,000 yuan of money extortion to go. Yiwu police incident one week after receiving the alarm, after careful investigation, the success of the criminal gang to take away. After the arrest of the lawless elements Amin know that they will in fact not a virgin, suffered extortion more than him.

  The boss room will be “virgin”

  Amin is a business owner in Yiwu, over middle age, involved in real estate, jewelry manufacturing industry, quite well known in the business.

  In the afternoon of February 17, Amin suddenly received a strange woman’s phone and asked him if he wanted a virgin, “had been pretty. Because of the belief systems of the frequented KTV, nightclubs and other places, Amin know, so he was initially on the phone and do not care, did not care about each other’s true identity.

  But unable to withstand the temptation of the woman, Amin decision will be the other side said the Virgin. Night, he opened a room in a star hotel in Yiwu. 10:00 pm, the fair young woman in an appearance to the party. Not even had time to talk about the price with the woman, Amin told her the line is having an affair.

  Amin allow women to leave the hotel, but the other said he was embarrassed. “I first came to Yiwu, unfamiliar with the place, no place to sleep, let me here will be a late bar.” The woman then let love the Amin Dunsheng pity, agreed to her request.

  Take 149,000 yuan of money “Compounding”

  6 o’clock the next morning, Amin daze heard someone knock on the door. The woman opened the door, one high and one low two men rushed in. They opened the blanket, cell phone camera Amin’s “nude”.

  The tall man claiming to be the brother of the woman, the shorter man claiming to be her cousin. Been cheated out of my sister, or minors, you have to take responsibility for that! “The tall man’s voice faded, and shorter men immediately took over the incumbent:” We want the police, sue you rape. “

  Amin’s pleading, the two men promised not to alarm and pointed out that the two paths to choose: either to let his wife and children to the hotel to solve the problem; either notify the media exposure. After a short silence, Amin begged: “or I have to pay to solve it.”

  After some bargaining, Amin promised to give $ 150,000 compensation. In addition to the bag and placed $ 14.5 million in cash in the hotel safe, he took out two credit cards, let two men to fetch $ 4,000. Although a few hundred dollars short, but the other appeared very generous, they took away 149,000 yuan notes, then took the woman hurriedly left the hotel.

  The incident one week after the report

  Are extort large sums of money, Amin and no alarm, because he felt to do is not brilliant.However, since the two men take two credit cards to take money out of overdraft of up to $ 500,000, he worried about credit card cloning, February 25 reported the matter to the Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade.

  The same day, police retrieval of surveillance video showed that after leaving, two men and a woman of extortion Amin got into the nearby Binwang Zipper Professional Street.“Hospitality taxi, but they had no choice, so we consider their self-driving.” Criminal Investigation Brigade 11 squadron commander, F, Xiaolei said.

  Soon, a front license plate hanging Buick into the police line of sight. The car is from Guizhou, February 16, enter from Jiangxi, Zhejiang. Noon on the day the incident, the car from Dongyang Hengdian onto the Zhu Yong expressway, and ultimately in Taizhou Xianju high speed.

  February 25, police in Yiwu to the xianju survey found several Guizhou men and women there had been activity trajectory. “They were in a hotel to stay registered with a woman named Xie Yupeng. Floor Xiaolei said, after identification, Xie Yupeng is the contact with Amin’s” virgin “. However, these people had been four days leave before Xianju.

  Police went to Trinidad arrested suspects

  Xieyu Peng, aged 22, Tongren, Guizhou. March 1, Yiwu police to the the Guizhou investigation.

  March 21 at 1 pm, the police at a hotel in Tongren Xie Yupeng arrested, with the arrest of her boyfriend Zhang Liang. Upon review, Zhang Liang is extortion Amin tall man. 0900, the day police suspect in Tongren under the Eguchi County Teng Xia arrested – she is called to ask Amin Do not virgin “pimp”.

  On the evening of March 21, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of another road police rushed to the Xianju, another “pimp” Tian Renfen arrested. The Tian Renfen not involved in extortion Amin, but she Yiwu this cases occurred the next day, with the Xieyu Peng et al. Xianju extort go a boss 10 yuan.

  At present, the the extortion Amin shorter man’s identity has also been identified, he is the husband of Teng Xia Chen Bo, Yiwu police the Internet looking for. This group of people not only in Yiwu and Xianju crime, Jiangxi occurred last year with a similar case with them.

  The Xie Yupeng is not a virgin? Of course not. “They do line learned a lot of ways and means.” F, Xiaolei said.

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