Yiwu Market Foreign Crafts Are Full in Eyes

These days, in Yiwu International Trade city, handicrafts, jewelry, toys, flowers and other commodities is booming, more than 90 percent of the market business households has export business, the same time, some countries are rich in strong local characteristics handicraft poured into Yiwu market, attracted the attention of retailers and tourists.

It is understood that since 2008, Yiwu International Trade City Museum of imported has been opened. Brazilian, Italian, Malaysia, Africa, Thailand, Japan, golf shops, import car models… there are 15 countries and regions more than 1,500 kinds of commodities settled the International Trade City Museum of imported goods, many commodities rather exotic features, such as crystal, floor, propolis, coffee, Italy (EU) Museum mainly engaged in various high-end automotive simulation models and leather goods, clothing, luggage, wedding and other goods. The main business of the African Pavilion is mask statues, bronzes, hand-woven cloth, black wood carving, painting Tingga, bone jewelry, stone carving and so on.

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