Yiwu Sixty elderly extort 20,000 yuan by a 33-year-old “girlfriend” with sex photos

News Yiwu, Zhejiang, April 27, old Gui, 60-year-old, a house for rent, enough to live comfortably.      One day in early April, the door of the old home Gui suddenly into a picture, he saw the incredible, even the nude, and is doing the indecent action.     Angry the Boxun boxun.com old Gui shame and, his hands tightly pinch the photos, his heart already know, this thing is who do.     Drink chaos, close friends with the “One Night Stand”     thing from talking about a chance encounter.    The day of the second half of last year, the old Gui encountered in the district where the Xiaoying. 33-year-old, she is from Jiangxi Shangrao, a 7-year-old child, usually playing the work, life is a considerable constraints.     Xiaoying rental district in the old Gui, quite a bit pretty. Although the age difference of nearly 30 years old, but one second to go, the old Gui and Xiaoying became “close friends”.    The first late-night conversation, the two “friendship” lukewarm.    Last November at 78 o’clock, old Gui to the Xiaoying call, say you want to talk to her room. Hesitated, Xiaoying agreed.     At that time, old Gui, drink some wine, see wearing pajamas Xiaoying, and it would hold out. After a while all hands, the two half-hearted relationship.    “Girlfriend” offer, took the opportunity to secretly photographed nude     old Gui unexpected, two relationship Xiaoying was proposed to the old Gui give her 5000 dollars. Although uncomfortable, old Gui did not say anything, go home to take the money.     The next night, seven or eight o’clock, old Gui received Xiaoying phone, “she let me in the past to sit, I passed.”     They happen again relationship.     A few days later, Xiaoying gave the old Gui phone call, “she said a little something to look at me, I went to her rental, saw twenty or thirty of the nude.”     according to the screen, the old Gui determine That is the two second relationship secretly photographed.     Xiaoying, and then to 5000 yuan. Old Gui and forced back the hearts of anger, and again to do so. But his current Xiaoying wrote a note, take the money and then not look for trouble.     Third extortion, the old man to select the alarm to     write a guarantee letter, Xiaoying really fulfill its commitments, not only moved away from the original cell, and no longer contact with the old Gui.     Unexpectedly, April 7, old Gui also found in the door nude.     “You in the end What do you mean?” Angry old Gui immediately called Xiaoying phone.     The Xiaoying answered very directly: “You give me 10,000 yuan, I took photos to you.”     old Gui spot compromise, but has been dragging money. April 23, ponder over and over again the old Gui walked into the local police station.     According to police arrangement, the old Gui pretend money, and about Xiaoying meet. When Xiaoying with nude appointment by the police, stolen goods.

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