Yiwu strive to be completed next year a national forest city – Yiwu News

March 31, the city held to create a national forest city mobilization meeting. At the meeting, party secretary Huang Zhiping, up and down the city’s rapid action as the starting point of the “Top Ten Project” an active part in the work is created, and strive to the end of 2013, to achieve the goal of creation of the National Forest City.

  Provincial Forestry Department deputy director Yang Youping to, and afforestation, to guide the work of National Forest City created. Mayor He Meihua, presided over the meeting, city leaders Xiu Xian, Song Yinghao, Ge GQ, Chen Xiaozhong attend the meeting.

  Late last year, the city to the State Forestry Administration to create a national forest city to do a report, the State Forestry Administration, expressed clear support for Yiwu, carry out to create the work, while Yiwu county-level cities across the country to create a national forest city to explore the road of successfully created, providing useful experience.

  Huang Zhiping requirements, the city’s Forest City building must focus on breakthroughs in expanding forests, enhance forest quality, the development of the forestry industry, the consolidation of green achievements, the development of ecological civilization, and strive to improve the ecological and living environment of the masses. Focus should vigorously implement the forest town project, “a ring of three wedge 10 parks, three-axis 10 of the two gallery with” the general layout of the urban greening and increase the city, township greening to enhance the transformation efforts to promote the Park Plaza building and the street road green; vigorously implementation of forest village project, around the village, their houses, road, river, parks, green spaces and other-focused, and gradually form the road river tree forest, around the house, fruits, forests, parks and green open space forest around the village protect the village forest, the plain farmland vigorously implement the forest shelterbelt “village forest pattern; Corridor project, launched this year, Yongjin Highway Yiwu Duan, universally Avenue, Continental Avenue, Sunshine Avenue, on both sides of the road 20-30 m green belt construction, 1-2, on both sides of rural roads line tree; vigorously implement the forest and river training works, focus on strengthening the Yiwu River, thousands of miles of water channel works in the river on both sides of the embankment green; vigorously implement the forest countryside, improve farmland shelterbelts, built and upgraded, to improve the control rate of farmland shelterbelts; vigorously implement the forest renovation project, year by year plan, forest tending to the low-yielding forest, coniferous forest, broadleaf transformation, the implementation of the construction of ring ecological landscape forest; vigorously implement the forest industry, vigorously develop the characteristics and advantages of forestry industry, focusing on the development of characteristic bases of the flowers, nursery stock, bamboo, edible bamboo shoots, and actively develop the forest tourism, promote the construction of modern forestry parks and forestry fine garden; vigorously implement the ecological public welfare; vigorously the implementation of forest resources protection project; vigorously implement the Forest Culture.

  Around the construction target, Meihua said that the city towns Street, departments should give wide publicity to create atmosphere, to mobilize and lead the public to participate in planting trees, love Lin preserving green, recognize the kinds of adoption activities to quickly set off to create a climax; to control their own tasks and evaluation, to seize the current favorable opportunity to carry out extensive afforestation, as soon as possible to start the construction of related projects, accelerating the rural and urban greening, join forces to promote the work of the National Forest City to create.

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