February Yiwu market has not been fully restored

February Spring Festival of Utah, popular yet been fully restored, the market activity is not active, the Commodity turnover to achieve 3.035 billion yuan in February fell by 147 million yuan, compared with January, qoq to 4.62%. pointed out by “issued by the Trade and Industry Bureau of Yiwu City, the latest issue of Yiwu Market Credit Index report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) that by the transaction amount fell affect, February Yiwu market transactions active index ring than the decline in the 9.25%, and drag on the month market credit index remained level in January, to close at 138.48 points.

  February the four sub-index of the classification market credit index in Yiwu “three liters down”. In addition to active trading index decreased 9.25 percent to 113.98 points, the remaining three sub-index has increased to different degrees. Mass index of goods ring up 0.67 percent to 151.13 points; merchants satisfaction index 148.22 points, increased by 1.28%; 10.87% gain, the risk control index closed at 145.80 points.

  Yiwu Market Credit Index colored lights warning subsystem monitoring, in February, the Yiwu Market Credit Index and the four sub-index value of more than 110 points in a safe “green light” area.Monitoring of the index fluctuations warning subsystem, the magnitude of active trading index changes of less than -5%, belong to the deterioration of situation of “W” (Worse); risk control index changes by more than 5 percent, belong to the “B “(Better) changed for the better condition; changes in amplitude of the composite index, the index of the quality of the goods and merchants satisfaction index in the range of -5% to +5%”, belonging to the “N” (Normal) normal conditions.

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