Yiwu Agriculture products market: usher in a “designated” the first tour – Yiwu News

To travel, to buy back the goods, here really is the best choice for visiting such a point of time today, really is not fun, I hope that the next opportunity, and again a trip. “March 25, at the end of Nongmao Cheng shopping tour of the tourist spots, the city China travel agency brought in Jiangxi by tourists Ms. Wang said with something more to say.

  It is reported that recently the Municipal Tourism Bureau, Finance Bureau jointly below Yiwu Farm Mingteyouxin Exhibition Center, officially classified as a tourist shopping, this is the city after the International Trade City travel shopping.

  On the morning of March 25, Nongmao Cheng Exhibition Center ushered in the formal set up after the first tourist groups. This is a team of 32 lesbians from Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, a business unit. 32 visitors walk through the various pavilions between the face of a different style pavilion, they have said, reading a lot of the market, never seen such a unique combination of agricultural and sideline products and the cultural complement each other, is the “Tour “and” purchase “the perfect combination.

  I heard so special drivers to want a little walnut back and inquire about which Hall bought.Surnamed Wang, tourists, I really do not believe there is such a good quality agricultural products around the country the Almighty to buy, after the travel is not as good as here a little back goods. And the product is fine, quality is also assured.

  The urging of the tour guide, visitors are only reluctantly to leave the exhibition center, the hands of large bags, has no one empty-handed.

  Before leaving, a Yangxing tourists, Yiwu Exhibition Center, go back and introduce it to more friends and family.

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