Yiwu advantage industry – garment

The garment industry is one of the pillar industry of Yiwu is the first fame, the Dachen shirt Yiwu garment industry for a long time plays an important role in the domestic shirt market. In recent years, with the changing market demand and industrial structure adjustment, Yiwu garment industry is rapidly changing the strategy, continue to walk in the forefront of the trend in the clothing market. Today, specialized the Dachen clothing emerging, serialization, and export-oriented three main features, once again risen up the “backbone” of the traditional strengths of the industry.

Yiwu garment industry many companies to complete the strategic adjustment, the original single shirt has been the series of suits, jackets, T-shirts and other products supplement. OEM mode at the same time, the emphasis on short-term interests of the gradual weakening of the brand and brand licensing business management in vogue. Light “the hometown of Chinese shirt Dachen, it has the” Daly “,” proud man “,” quite too handsome “and other parts of Zhejiang famous brand to Dali clothing has also become a” national exemption product . ”

Zhejiang quite handsome costumes responsible person said, Yiwu garment industry after many years has established a perfect marketing network, and continue to maintain the momentum of steady growth for the industry has laid a solid foundation. Can Dali Group has a total distribution in the country, region more than 600 agents, quite too handsome clothing provinces and cities with Shanghai as the marketing network-centric products all over the shopping malls, supermarkets, Austria will dress in the country built the provinces and cities of the dealer — regional distributors — the ladder of terminal vendors selling system … highly structured, a wide range of sales tentacles, creating the advantages of Yiwu garment industry in the ability of market information collection and product contingency.

Yiwu garment industry similar to the enterprise of the Golden Bird Group’s business model is no less than 20, by taking the brand licensing business and create their own brand of the road of combining solid business foundation for the development at the same time, achieving a successful product and enterprise-level transformation. Austrian chairman of apparel company inscriptions Kwong said with deep feeling, “Yiwu garment enterprises more than the previous value immediate, while ignoring the long-term development. Business decision-makers attach great importance to the scientific nature of the business planning and strategy development, the formation of sustainable development for the enterprise force to create the conditions. “Zhejiang Beckman clothing company is in the scientific planning, has become one of the largest foreign trade export enterprises in Yiwu.

To get rid of the industrial development of low-level pattern, take the road of specialization, serialization, export-oriented garment industry re-emergence of the main driving force. Dachen, many enterprises has always attached great importance to the introduction of professionals and advanced management experience, at the same time strengthen the product development and series production capacity, improve the technological content of products and brand influence, on the one hand, continue to consolidate the domestic market share, on the other hand effectively expand international market share, industry development, enterprise development space.

Professionals, accompanied by a large number of companies re-accumulation of energy, have a single product variety, developed fatigue and a slump in Yiwu garment industry will steadily into a higher level of the rising channel, a whole new garment industry base is being formed.

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