Zhejiang Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau boost international trade of comprehensive reform – the original news Yiwu News

Xinhua Zhejiang Channel March 28 (Xinhua) (Pang Yun Peng) on ​​the 28th, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau held a news conference, a comprehensive introduction to the implementation of Trade and Industry Bureau of Zhejiang Province Yiwu, carry out a comprehensive reform of international trade, a number of opinions “.

Yiwu City Secretary for Commerce and Qiu increase France to boost the comprehensive reform of international trade, economic and social development of services Yiwu industrial and commercial administrative departments to shoulder the important mission. Introduction of Yiwu City, the pilot reform of a number of views for Trade and Industry Bureau of Zhejiang Province, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau based on the functions of a pilot basis, combined with the international trade of comprehensive reform and the private reality of economic development, access from the main players in the market to broaden financing channels, optimize the development environment, cultivate foreign subject, deepen the eighteen measures of the five aspects of brand building to start the introduction of relevant implementation advice and Conditions, and ferret out the intellectual potential, trying to Chamber of Commerce and Industry best efforts “lower threshold” for private economic development and growth, “reduce the burden” “excellent service”, “improving quality” to do all the counterparts of convergence of the various policies, efforts to achieve full use of resource advantages, and has achieved significant results in many areas, consolidate and enhance the Yiwu International Trade The construction of the strategic position to promote trade development mode shift, and the two six-city “has played a positive role in promoting.

Implementation of the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued opinions and Conditions, the more given the policy of the Yiwu market, the main terms of access, to further enrich the market of the main structure, optimization of the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Administrative Examination and Approval Service to speed up the Yiwu industrial transformation and upgrading of the pace, and promote the Yiwu become a focal point industrial transformation and upgrade an important base for the pilot reform objectives.

Yiwu also suggested that the perfect market service system, expand financing channels for enterprises, to create a model city of national trademark strategy and the integrity of intellectual property protection of China Commodity City to give guidance. Actively guide Yiwu enterprises to take full advantage of the equity pledge trademark pledge, chattel mortgage financing, dig the stock of capital, break the problem of corporate finance, corporate restructuring and upgrading of fresh blood and improve the core competitiveness of Yiwu enterprises and the market .

At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau through the accumulation of their own competitiveness, to strengthen the Yiwu market is the only such answer a reporter’s question, emphasizing the Yiwu market will be four first-class “first-class facilities, first-class market The main, first-class quality of goods and first-class credit environment to shape their own market commercial civilization, and to promote the Yiwu market has been created “, I have excellent unique advantages, and gave details of Yiwu market to create a” four-class “market competitiveness of specific measures and methods.

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