50 Yiwu debut International Gift & Premium Fair in Hong Kong – Yiwu News

2012 Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair held in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from today to the 30th. Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Yiwu international trade associations and the city’s Han Hee handbags, color printing, dual benefit trademarks clever shell crafts, stationery Qiaoyi Pettitte leather goods such as 50 exhibitors, 55 standard booths.

  Hong Kong International Gifts & Premium Fair, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council 27th anniversary this year will enter the largest show of its kind in Asia, ranked second in the world. Exhibits include promotional gifts, corporate gifts, small furnishings and accessories, packaging, stationery and paper products, wedding gifts and supplies. It is reported that the 2011 Hong Kong International Gifts & Premium Fair 4200 booths, a total of exhibiting companies from 36 countries and regions, including the mainland of China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore Spain, 15 pavilions set up an independent exhibition at the show. The four-day show attracted over 46,000 quality buyers from 134 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, the United Kingdom will purchase.

  It is reported that Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair distinctive themed areas into green gifts, personal and health gifts, technology gifts, excellent gallery, fine blend and other area. Among them, the display area of ​​the excellent Gallery brand products are from the excellent hands of the designer; fine blend zone, brings together a wide range of innovative, top gift, into business gift meta-meta-fashion gifts, festival decoration gift meta International Gift blend of four parts. The show, exhibitors can not only come into contact with buyers around the world, you can also smell the latest trends.

  The person in charge of Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce, International Gift & Premium Fair booth has been relatively tight, apply through our efforts this year to 55 booths, so that 50 enterprises in the city have the opportunity to debut in Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, a record over the years, I City enterprises to participate in a new high for the number of the show. With the changing of the international political and economic situation, Yiwu enterprises “going out” increasingly strong desire to seek business opportunities, while the Hong Kong International Gifts & Premium Fair visibility in the industry and its extensive in Europe, Asia businessmen resources, attract less Yiwu enterprises to actively participate.

Yiwu cross stitch industry standard is forthcoming – Yiwu News

 Have “female red” cross stitch said. 10 years ago, cross stitch from Europe through Japan and South Korea into China. Today, after 10 years, Yiwu has developed into the country and the world’s largest cross-stitch industrial base. However, cross-stitching industry in the peak period of 2010, the domestic market began to shrink, the expansion of export markets because of industry-standard missing stalled. In order to break through the bottleneck, Yiwu City, cross stitch Industry Association Yiwu Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in hand, commissioned by the Standardization Institute of Zhejiang Province to the drafting of a corporate alliance standards. Yesterday afternoon, the draft standard through expert validation and will be held during the Fair will be publicly released, which will become the country’s first cross-stitch industry standard.

  10 Cross Stitch Kit 7 from Yiwu

  Product quality varies greatly

  Cross stitch is an emerging industry, the late start, but growing rapidly. At present, Yiwu has more than 130 cross stitch professional production enterprises with certain scale, small family workshops with hundreds of as much. Yiwu and the surrounding area, has formed a complete stitch industrial chain in the production of embroidery, embroidered fabric, drawings, accessories, cross stitch products each year through the Yiwu market sales accounted for about 70% of market share, that is, 10 cross stitch kits, there are seven from Yiwu, Yiwu has become the country and the world’s largest cross-stitch industrial base.

  Cross stitch production does not require high technical content, the majority of enterprises do is based on the pattern, embroidered cloth, embroider assemble complete sets of packets due to low barriers to entry, lack of appropriate industry do the standard constraints, cross stitch quality of the product is natural is good and bad. “Yiwu cross stitch Industry Association Secretary-General Hu Yanzhao super, cross stitch of DIY products, consumers need to invest a lot of energy into a finished product, a more complex color cross stitch length of about 2 m, if every day embroidered 8 hours continuous embroidery eight months to be completed, if the fade cross stitch embroidery thread is easily broken, and embroidered cloth said something to fall apart, it is easy to damage consumer DIY enthusiasm, poor user experience, a direct consequence of the shrinking market demand. This is an emerging industry, is a fatal blow.

  A month to sell 7 million package

  The export volume was less than 5%

  ”In fact, the urban market as early as 2009 began to saturation, through technological innovation, the cost of the embroidery threads from the original 140 yuan / kg to 40 yuan / kg, so that the cross-stitch to make significant inroads into the rural market, 2010 years, through innovation, introduction of printing cross-stitch, open markets of the North. “Hu Yanzhao Chao, 2010, cross-stitch industry has entered a peak, thereafter into the industrial period of adjustment, a significant decline in market demand.

  Even so, the national average per month can still be sold 7 million cross-stitch kits. Hu Yanzhao super view, optimize product quality, cross stitch field of application extends from traditional murals to the iphone mobile shell, paper bags, tissue boxes and other household areas of life, domestic cross stitch market potential can still be re-excavated the most headache is the expansion of foreign markets. It is understood that the outer dimensions of up to 60% of Yiwu, cross stitch exports is minimal, less than the total amount of 5%. Restrict cross-stitch is an important reason to go overseas, is the lack of industry standards.

  The industry standard is subdivided into four parts

  Will be promulgated at the end of this month

  To crack hard issues and the Yiwu cross stitch Industry Association since its was established in June last year, started the formulation of standards of business alliances. Yesterday afternoon, seven experts from Shanghai Donghua University, Shanghai Cotton Textile Printing and Dyeing Association, Zhejiang Institute of Standardization units gathered in Yiwu, validation Union standards.

  The standards are subdivided into four parts, respectively, cross stitch embroidery, embroidered fabric, drawings and Kit, and the quality of the appearance of this four-part routine quality specifications, safety and health requirements, test methods, inspection rules, The logo, packaging, transport and storage of the corresponding technical requirements. It is understood that the standard published April 30. The second half of this year, the standard will be declared the national standard, is expected to become the industry standard nationwide cross stitch companies.

Yiwu Sixty elderly extort 20,000 yuan by a 33-year-old “girlfriend” with sex photos

News Yiwu, Zhejiang, April 27, old Gui, 60-year-old, a house for rent, enough to live comfortably.      One day in early April, the door of the old home Gui suddenly into a picture, he saw the incredible, even the nude, and is doing the indecent action.     Angry the Boxun boxun.com old Gui shame and, his hands tightly pinch the photos, his heart already know, this thing is who do.     Drink chaos, close friends with the “One Night Stand”     thing from talking about a chance encounter.    The day of the second half of last year, the old Gui encountered in the district where the Xiaoying. 33-year-old, she is from Jiangxi Shangrao, a 7-year-old child, usually playing the work, life is a considerable constraints.     Xiaoying rental district in the old Gui, quite a bit pretty. Although the age difference of nearly 30 years old, but one second to go, the old Gui and Xiaoying became “close friends”.    The first late-night conversation, the two “friendship” lukewarm.    Last November at 78 o’clock, old Gui to the Xiaoying call, say you want to talk to her room. Hesitated, Xiaoying agreed.     At that time, old Gui, drink some wine, see wearing pajamas Xiaoying, and it would hold out. After a while all hands, the two half-hearted relationship.    “Girlfriend” offer, took the opportunity to secretly photographed nude     old Gui unexpected, two relationship Xiaoying was proposed to the old Gui give her 5000 dollars. Although uncomfortable, old Gui did not say anything, go home to take the money.     The next night, seven or eight o’clock, old Gui received Xiaoying phone, “she let me in the past to sit, I passed.”     They happen again relationship.     A few days later, Xiaoying gave the old Gui phone call, “she said a little something to look at me, I went to her rental, saw twenty or thirty of the nude.”     according to the screen, the old Gui determine That is the two second relationship secretly photographed.     Xiaoying, and then to 5000 yuan. Old Gui and forced back the hearts of anger, and again to do so. But his current Xiaoying wrote a note, take the money and then not look for trouble.     Third extortion, the old man to select the alarm to     write a guarantee letter, Xiaoying really fulfill its commitments, not only moved away from the original cell, and no longer contact with the old Gui.     Unexpectedly, April 7, old Gui also found in the door nude.     “You in the end What do you mean?” Angry old Gui immediately called Xiaoying phone.     The Xiaoying answered very directly: “You give me 10,000 yuan, I took photos to you.”     old Gui spot compromise, but has been dragging money. April 23, ponder over and over again the old Gui walked into the local police station.     According to police arrangement, the old Gui pretend money, and about Xiaoying meet. When Xiaoying with nude appointment by the police, stolen goods.

Seven of spades turns himself in to yiwu police

'Seven of spades' turns himself in

A suspected murderer who had been on the run for eight years is in police custody in the city ofYiwu in Zhejiang province.

Liu Rongwan, born in 1965, turned himself in on April 12.

Liu said he gave himself up because he could not endure life on the run.

“I lived in fear all these years,” Liu told police.

Liu said he traveled throughout Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, and Zhejiang provinces and theGuangxi Zhuang autonomous region using a fake identity card.

A native of Gaozhou city in the western part of Guangdong province, Liu was the “seven ofspades” in the deck of cards issued by Guangzhou police, which contains detailed informationon 54 wanted criminals.

More than 70 percent of the fugitives on the cards are suspected of murder. The cards havebeen widely distributed in hopes of capturing the suspects.

Liu was the first of the 54 to turn himself in.

Police in Guangzhou’s Luogang district set up a task force to investigate the case after theyfound a woman’s body in a farm in Tianxin village on March 15, 2004.

The victim, surnamed Xu, worked in Liu’s booth at the Dongping agricultural bazaar inGuangzhou’s Baiyun district. Liu disappeared shortly after her body was found.

Liu told police he and Xu became involved, but later had a falling out. After a quarrel in Liu’svan, Liu killed Xu.

While searching for Liu, police also asked Liu’s family to persuade him to surrender, accordingto Guangzhou police.

Police urge other fugitives to follow Liu’s example and turn themselves in.

Zheng Caixiong

Yiwu China-paradise for world buyers

Yiwu known as the largest market in the world for primary commodities is located in South of China. Yiwu International Trade City is considered as ” Ocean of Commodities, and paradise of shoppers” With a total area of 4 million square meters the market is home to more than 62,000 booths, showing over 2,000,000 commodities everyday. As high as 16% of the commodities are exported to foreign coutries. And it has ranked the first market among all special markets around the country for 19 successive years.Its a good place for oversea business who have just started to buy from China. The population of this small city is more than 2 million with 10,000 permanent residence from abroad.Its about 4 hours drive from Shanghan Pudong Airport and 2 hours flight from HongKong.