Yiwu to Taiwan travel expected to cut the price

The Wenzhou direct flights to Taipei 
routes opened 

News of the Hong Kong Daily News (reporter Zhou law Jiang)
Wenzhou direct flights to Taipei route last Sunday opened Yiwu tourists travel to Taiwan to the addition of a choice. 
At this point, including Hangzhou, Ningbo, the province has three routes can be direct flights to Taipei. From Wenzhou direct flights to Taipei flight takes less than an hour, the shortest trip in the three routes.

  Yiwu travel industry sources, new to Taiwan travel routes, the related costs are expected to decline again.

  Reporters learned yesterday from the constant wind, Yiwu International Tourism Co., Ltd., travel agencies, from the mainland opened to Taiwan travel routes since the enthusiasm of local tourists to visit Taiwan tourism has been rising, the increase of non-stop flights and passenger, also makes the cost of travel to Taiwan successively decreased.

  Just opened to Taiwan travel, the per capita cost of the ordinary team to 89 thousand dollars. From the beginning of last year, one after another down to five or six thousand, while the average cost since the second half of last year, Taiwan travel has dropped to 4000 yuan about travel to Taiwan a few travel agencies launched the special group, the per capita cost even less than 3000 yuan. “to do business in Yiwu Zhangzhou, Fujian Province Ji operating households Shi Shaoguang, starting from Yiwu to see relatives in Taiwan, a group tour, booking air tickets than their but also cost-effective.

  Purchase of comprehensive travel agency point of view, April 8th Tour costs about 4000 yuan per capita, in May the price is generally raised by 100 yuan.

  Zhangyuan Yan, the International Business Department of constant air travel agencies, the recent weather improves, more and more people of Yiwu travel to Taiwan. Up to now, the individual groups of the travel agency in April places have been booked, missed the registration time of the public can only be arranged to the team in May.

  It is understood that, before, whether from Hangzhou or Ningbo direct flights to Taiwan, about 1 hour and 50 minutes from Taipei, Wenzhou non-stop flight takes less than one hour count before takeoff and landing to the relevant procedures, just 1 hour 20 minutes or so.

  ”The entire flight stroke is reduced by 1/4, also means that the round-trip ticket prices will be cheaper, the province of tourists to Taiwan travel costs are expected to decline again.” Tourism professional managers Dai Binjie introduction, from Taipei, Wenzhou non-stop flights from Taiwan’s Mandarin Airlines is responsible for the flight, the airline is not yet available from the industry of Wenzhou fly Taipei ticket price. However, the need for competition in the market, its offer should be cheaper than starting from Hangzhou and Ningbo some.