Yiwu Baby Killer case solved : the murderer is the father of two

“Have you ever heard the cries of children,” tracking 
the murderer is the father of two, 
why he would be so cruel, even 8-year-old little boy killer 

Yiwu Daily News News (reporter Zhu Xiang) If the 8-year-old Richie (a pseudonym) has a soul in heaven, should be able to rest. Yesterday, the Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade came the good news, public concern “3.19” Yiwu Chen, primary school students were killed successfully solved the case — the suspect Miao Guoquan in the Lanxi was arrested, his order to return the 16000 Yuan gambling debts kidnapping murder.

  Miao country the right is Yiwu police issued reward notice that the 30-year-old, the forehead slightly bald man. According to to Baowen Lin, the captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade, the key to solve the case, is a long hair waist of the woman, “She was holding a child, and suspect the relationship is very intimate.

  This detail, the police found in the period of surveillance video on March 28. Two days later, police found a foothold of the “long-haired female — Chen Jin Shan Road, a private house.

  The police lock the identity of the suspects accordingly. At 2 o’clock on March 31st in the Lanxi Qijubeizhan near a fish shed the suspects Miao country the right to be captured.

  Miao national rights, 37 years old, the Lanxi incense town road village Miao villages people. He has a 9-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son. The Miao Guoquan had Dachen workers for many years. The last Grand March 8.

  According to the Miao country the right to say, he came only to escape the loan sharks.In recent years, he was hooked on gambling at home, 16,000 yuan owed a gambling debt.Creditors urging a tight grip, he took his wife and children to Dachen “revive.”

  The day before the incident, the Miao country right wandering alone in the rear, the area to see a lot of pupils in digging wild onions, suddenly sprouted the idea of ​​blackmail his family of a kidnapped child.

  At 5 pm on March 19, Miao national rights in the rear foot of a mountain, encountered Richie go to school alone, will hold him to the top of the mountain. Next, the Miao Guoquan pressed Richie give the family information, the results of the other messages from a migrant family he was very disappointed.

  ”His parents are working, you can not get any money.” Miao Guoquan give up the idea of ​​kidnapping, but worry about the things brought to light, he finally Richie next killer.