Yiwu community building a roadside Jingxian “trap”


  Street “trap” really scary

  Yesterday morning, the reader Mr.Gong call the Hong Kong Daily News Band of Brothers News Hotline 85.454 million reflect: Yiwu Beiyuan street construction village side of the road is suddenly exposed to a several-meter-deep “trap”, the man almost fall into a field.“Trap” in the embroidery Lake Secondary School to the corner of the construction of the village, usually every day, many secondary school students and parents via the junction, if a timely manner to the “trap” stamped in case someone fall into they do not get the timely rescue out what was in big trouble.

  【Reporter verify】

  ”Trap” mouth belly bulge

  Yesterday morning, the reporter came to Mr. Gong said that the intersection and found that the “trap” is actually a cellar well, the hole diameter of about 80 cm inside the inner diameter of 2 meters, 2 meters long of a bamboo pole actually probe is not in the end , it is estimated that there are several meters deep.

  Mr. Gong said yesterday morning, a young man living in three villages of the construction sent to the boss’s son secondary school Xiuhu, back, one foot in the “trap” Fortunately, the quick reaction did not fall into, but a semi-circular The gap appeared.

  ”Do not know which departmental management, nearby residents met with the heart very nervous but I do not know to whom the complaint.” Construction of village households Sheng British standard, “If the night was falling into the call for help no night was very dark.”

  ”It was horrible, the front of the shop there is such a will eat holes in the ground of the people.” Chen Chun and store more than 10 meters from the “trap” road, often passing through the intersection, did not expect so large a Yinjing actually thin thin piece of plywood for the cover, which also paved the thick layer of mud.