Yiwu boarded the Titanic, “Titanic” –

Zhejiang Online, April 11 – April 10, the audience the long-awaited 3D version of “Titanic” was officially released in the country. At the same time, the Yiwu market has also ushered in a wave of “Titanic” hot: Price $ 680 ship models two thirty day retail, imitation of the “Ocean Star” lanyards jewelry has become this year’s spring best sellers …

  Titanic ship model day two or three boats sold

 Yiwu the tailwind Air crafts firm Xiao Zheng, these days, has been busy reception customers, most of them ran with a product from — Titanic (Titanic), Titanic ship model.

  ”We are a single store is retail, and every day you can buy two thirty.” Xiao Zheng said, the topic of 3D version of “Titanic” into the line of sight, the store ship model business is getting better every day. two large Titanic ship model is the most popular.

  This reporter saw among them a place the most conspicuous place at the store entrance, four upstanding chimney all of a sudden the customer back to the movie scene. Ship model was 1.02 m in length, to use both hands to try to jack up before; there is a slightly smaller hull, 0.8 m long, but with the light-emitting function, connected to the power at night, you can restore the luxurious night scene in Titanic. The price of two ship models are about $ 680.

  Xiao Zheng said each product are made by hand, process more cumbersome, but fortunately the factory before an ample supply of inventory, or else not enough to sell.

  During this time, the wind Air crafts firm after another customer came running to buy the Titanic model, some tourists passing through to see will buy on a. It is learned that the movie “Titanic” have a special feeling in the hearts of many viewers, the customer bought mostly gave the opposite sex, or placed in the home as a special commemorative significance furnishings.

Imitation of the “Ocean Star” lanyards best-selling

  The 3D version of “Titanic,” the release led to the selling of related products. Things in the movie “Titanic”, the most commemorative significance than the wear on the neck of heroine Ruth Blue Diamond Necklace “Ocean Star”.

  April 10, rolled in Yiwu International Trade City area on the second floor, lanyards imitation goods known as the “Ocean Star” is not much. However, the shape of the many jewelry merchants never “Ocean Star” was inspired to design a lot of heart-shaped lanyards.

  ”This year the spring of the heart-shaped lanyards go the best.” Business of crystal jewelry, Ms. King said, after the Spring Festival, the factory design of a shape and the “Ocean Star” is quite similar to the lanyards. Lanyards than the real “Ocean Star” is slightly smaller, sub-pink, orange, sapphire color. The product was added to our catalog in early March, it received many orders, especially Po blue go best. The reporter interviewed the owner within 15 minutes, there forty-five, allocation of customers into the store alone.

  Ms Wu said of the same main neck jewelry, for many have seen “Titanic” a female friend, “Ocean Star” has a special meaning of love, so exactly the same appearance of imitation goods have actually not popular . However, if more in the design aspects of absorption of the “Ocean Star” fashion elements, maybe you can open up the market in one fell swoop.

  Business plan to develop more derivatives

  In addition to the physical store, the products on the Titanic are also selling online is booming. Taobao search for “Titanic”, you can find over 8000 baby, models, dolls, jewelry, home accessories, books, audio and video, medals and other in the sale of derivatives.Many derivatives have played the “3D” gimmick, such as 3D three-dimensional model of the Titanic, 3D sculpture salvage wooden box and so on.

  ”I have arranged the factory R & D, the fastest listed within a week.” A jigsaw puzzle in the merchant quarter, Mr. Titanic’s three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles online selling particularly well. The day before he has to arrange the factory R & D-related models, and strive to catch up on this wave of opportunity.

  This reporter learned that the derivatives on the Titanic and more than the ship model and the “Ocean Star”, cups, T-shirts, necklaces, mobile phone shell, key chain and so can be designed related souvenirs. Part of the business, said recently or will develop more products related to the Titanic.