Yiwu released four cross-stitch industry standard

Hong Kong Daily News News (reporters Ping Junjiang) the day before yesterday evening, the release of the cross-stitch industry standards and the excellent embroidery Presentation Conference “held in Yiwu. At the meeting, the the Yiwu stitch Industry Association has released four industry-standard package, etc., which is the domestic first released in the cross stitch industry standards.

These four industry-standard package standard, drawing standard, the standard of the show line and embroidered cloth standard, which relates to the production requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transport and storage. It is reported that the standards published by industry associations, the nature of the Union standards for the enterprise.

The Yiwu cross stitch Industry Association was established in June 2011, is currently the only cross-stitch industry associations. Currently, Yiwu has more than 130 cross stitch professional production enterprises with certain scale, the Association is now a registered variety of cross stitch pattern copyright 2300.

The Yiwu stitch Industry Association said in recent years, Yiwu and the surrounding areas gradually formed a complete production of embroidery, embroidered fabric, drawings, accessories and other cross-stitch industry chain, with the help of Yiwu foreign trade and domestic platform, and became a national cross stitch industry focus and convergence of important regions.

According to incomplete statistics, cross stitch products sold annually by the Yiwu market accounted for about 70% market share.

Yiwu stitch industry in this exhibition, the collective appearance of the D1 exhibition hall of the International Expo Center, a total of more than